These Creative Jobs Are Popular And Well-Paid In India

It sounds cool when you tell your friend that after graduation you are going to pick a different course or choose an out-of-the-box career. Many individuals who take some different courses show that they respect personal choice more than the outsider choice. These Creative Jobs not only help you stand out from the crowd but gives you a unique identity. These jobs are not for the faint-hearted as it demands a bit of risk but the returns are high.

Are you curious to know about these jobs? If yes, then read below, you will get to learn some of the exciting things about it.



The career in journalism is an incredible experience and is among the top Creative Jobs in India. The field is glamourous and helps you in exploring various kinds of information about the wide-ranging field. To enter this field, one should have great communication skills and an inquisitive mind.

Also, you should have a good hold on the current affairs going in the country. This field also makes you travel to some of the far-flung areas across parts of India. If you love meeting new people and learning about interesting things, then this field is for you.

Psychological sciences


Some individuals are good at reading people and love to know about what is going in the other’s mind. Pursuing a post-graduation degree and doing certification courses in the field of psychology is interesting. It introduces you to some of the most amazing facts about the human mind. This subject also makes one independent in solving the problems related to mental health.

By pursuing a course in it, you will become capable of dealing with problems like depression, stress, and other such phenomena. Last but not the least, it also pays you a decent amount of money.



In earlier times, taking photographs of others was done just for keeping memories alive. But In today’s time, it has become a creative profession. Many talented individuals who have got a good hand on photography are eagerly entering into this field. Some of the options that are popular among photographers are wildlife photography and fashion photography. Both the field pay you heavily.

So, if something like this comes to your mind, never hesitate to follow it, the profits are high and you may get a good contract from big companies.

Travel and tourism

Travel and Tourism

This industry is growing rapidly and according to the reports it is said that in the future this industry will see only sunny days. Today those who enter the travel industry have multiple options. The social media channel like YouTube is also rewarding the individuals who are stepping into this field as travel vloggers. Once you bring good content, you will be rewarded heavily. Some of the other things that you can do in this field are writing a travel blog, making travel documentaries, and establishing your own company.

These are some of the best Creative Jobs that youths are showing interest and setting an example for others to follow.


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