These adorable B-town inter-religion couples who boldly took a stand for their love


    ‘Love’ is a four letter word but gives infinite meanings. Love is enough to live a happy life. Love always protects, always hopes, always trust it never fails. Love doesn’t mean all times you live happily and get butterflies in your stomach it is also a combination of lots of disasters and storms. This combination makes any relation bond more and stronger. If I speak about love, then there is a factor not only in India but in other countries too which says no to inter-religion or inter-caste marriage as they are supposed to break in a bad fortune.

    But guess what, today i don’t want to discuss about the peoples and countries who says no to inter-religion marriage. I am here to spread the love air among us by knowing you about the people who took a stand for their inter-caste marriage and now they giving the perfect relationship goals to each and every couple.

    Below are the couples who did not bend themselves in front of cruel society, hard times, situations of their lives.

    Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan

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    These couples bond is very popular.  It seems that Saif an Kareena didn’t face many problems and social issues in their marriage. There is a good age gap between the couples, but still, their love did not care and survived in every situation.

    Saif Ali Khan belongs to a Muslim family and Kareena is Hindu. The couple’s break the inter-religion wall and got happily married. Now they have a cute son named Taimur Ali Khan.

    Gauri Chibber And Shah Rukh Khan:

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    King of Bollywood did not need any introduction. Everyone knows that he fought for his love and married to a girl who is not of her caste. Gauri chibber is Punjabi Mohyal and Shahrukh Khan is a Muslim but as i said love has no boundaries and a problem like a caste marriage doesn’t stop them. When Shahrukh proposed Gauri for marriage, Gauri’s brother said harsh words to Shahrukh but this also not stops him from his love and one day they got happily married.

    Their marriage was challenging because of inter-religion marriage, however, their love is pure and it smashed all the walls of society.Now they have three beautiful kids. They are living the land if their dreams.

    Nargis and Sunil Dutt:

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    This love story is followed by the heartbreaks.  Nargis was in love with Raj Kapoor and for his love, he signed all RK studio movies. On the other hand, Raj Kapoor had already a wife even after this truth Nargis is ready to be the second wife of RK but this doesn’t work out. The story of Nargis took a twist when Nargis got stuck in the fire and Sunil Dutt saved her life by jumping in danger to save her life. Due to stuck in a fire, she got some injuries and burns so Sunil starts visiting hospitals to meet her. At the same time, Sunil proposed her and she said yes immediately.

    Like other inter-caste couples they also faced criticism as their marriage was first high-profile inter-caste marriage. Still, both of them battled against the worst and made their land of dreams and lived happily ever after. They have a strong son who is also our bollywood legend Sujay Dutt.