Food Mate These 5 Desi Fruits Will Keep You Healthy In...

These 5 Desi Fruits Will Keep You Healthy In Monsoons


Monsoon season has just arrived. It is the best time to sit back and enjoy “chai and
pakodas” so here are we to balance our deep fried monsoon foods by the top desi fruits around us that would help us overcome allergies and seasonal infections.

It is the best time to initiate and regulate our body’s deep cleansings and nourishing
process with healthy and wholesome fruits and exercise. It is quite important to include some of the seasonal fruit in our diet to avoid and fight back seasonal illness. Do not miss a chance to uplift health this monsoon.

We mostly misinterpret our local desi fruits with glossy exotic fruits decorated in market.
The seasonal fruits from the local market are high in its nutritional values and go through
lesser chemical processing.

Here are five top monsoon desi fruits-

1. Jamun ( Black plum, Sci. Name- SyzygiumCumini):-

black plum

Rich in vitamin-A, B, C it has iron, protein and fibres if consume, heals stomach pain, blood circulation, diabetes and also has antioxidant, anticancer property.

2. Karonda ( Caribbean Cherry, Sci. Name- Carissa Casandus):-

Via: Twitur

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This versatile fruit is rich in Vitamin B6, C, E, K has antioxidant properties with calcium, sodium, zinc, iron etc.curing urinary tract infections, kidney stones, cancer, respiratory problems and stomach disorders.

3. Nashpati ( Pears Sci. Name- Phyrus):-

Via: Shakahari Blog

Being a great source of antioxidants, flavonoids and fibres, the consumption of this fruit treats bulging of large intestine controls heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension. It is interesting that before tobacco was introduced Europeans used pear leaves to smoke.

4. Shehtut (Mulberry)(Sci. Name- Morus ):-

Via: Shehtut

Rich in vitamin- C, B6, with iron, calcium etc has the properties to fight against cancer, diabetes, heart disease and also improves blood circulation.

5. Angrezi Imli (ManilaTemrind ) (Sci.Name –Pithecilobium Dulce ):-

Manila tamarind
Via: Picfair

Covering a high range of vitamin- A, B6, C, E, K with niacin and thiamin it eliminates pigmentation, cures acne and pimples, removes dark spots and slow down ageing and also prevents hair loss. It is miracle fruit for the girls looking for beautiful skin.

It is always good to consume as many seasonal fruits as one can this leads to good immunity and overcomes the nutritional deficiency. Go for it guys!



A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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