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The world’s largest Rainbow Tunnel


New Jersey’s 2675 feet deep and 56km Sterling Hill Mine is no less than a secret. At one time, millions of people come here today to see the things that came up in the excavation. At one time, a blast was carried out inside this tunnel, after the explosion, the sharp ring-light illumination came in front of the miners. When dug further, a huge mountain lit up like many rainbow rises. This mountain is not less than a treasure …

Sterling Hill Mine

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According to the scientist, many precious stones of the world were buried in this rock. At the same time, the reason for such color is the ultraviolet rays that come out of a chemical called willemite. Willemite is considered primarily a source of Zinc.

Wonderful Beauty


Hundreds of years old this mine have now been transformed into a museum. Here people from all over the world come to see its wonderful beauty. Even today, the tools used in the 1830s are present.

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Beginning in 1630 mine:

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According to media reports, this mine started in 1630, after which King George III sold it to a British businessman. Selling and selling off many owners came at the hands of Lord Stirling and it was named Stirling Hill. In 1990 it was made a museum and its name became Sterling Hill Mine Tour & Museum of Fluorescence.

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