” The White Tiger” Trailer Out: Adarsh Gourav Steals The Show Leaves PeeCee & Rajkumar Behind

Love thrills and drama? Then Priyanka’s “The White Tiger” is perfect movie and it’s trailer is out on Netflix yesterday. The story is a bit different and for the first time we would see Priyanka in different role.

Rajkumar Rao is the male leading actor in the movie. However, the movie is not only about Priyanka and Rajkumar.

“The White Tiger” Trailer Reveals The Full Story

the white tiger
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We won’t kill your excitement by telling you the whole story ( even we don’t have idea about it). But, the trailer has spilled the beans to some extent and the lead actor is Adarsh Gourav who played a role of driver is the star of movie.

He is playing the role of a boy, Balram, who hails from small village and always worked as a servant. He moved to city. Got a job as a driver, Priyanka aka Pinky and Rajkumar are his master. The movie shows how rich people use their servant to hide their sins.

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But, this driver (Balram) choose to be free and fight through the odds. His desire to not ruled by the powerful master raises him from ashes to an entrepreneur. It’s worthy watching as the story depicts the reality of society where an innocent and poor person is always used by the riches.

PeeCee, Rajkumar, and even her father-in law are excited about the movie and waiting for it’s release. Her words reflect her excitement. Here’s what she said about her character in the movie.

“She is in India with her husband, who is travelling for business. And then, life changes! Pinky madam is such a specific character, to play her unravelling in the story was such a joy. This is a story that needs to be told and it comes alive with its characters so compellingly in Ramin’s hands.” 

It would go live streaming on 22 January 2021 on Netflix. Here’s the trailer:

We are excited for ” The White Tiger” release, are you?

Priyanka’s another movie ” We Can Be Heroes” is going to release on Christmas.



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