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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Lime Water!

Water is required for so many functions in our body and we consume 2-3 litres daily.
Many of us use citrus fruits to flavour it but what if I tell you that one citrus fruit in particular, when mixed with water, has so many surprising health benefits.
That fruit is lime which when mixed with a glass of Luke warm water and drank empty stomach can do wonders for your skin and your body.

Here are some surprising health benefits of lime water:

1. It Helps In Losing Weight

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Lime water has a high amount of citric acid which is extremely good for your metabolism as it boosts it up! Also, it will help you burn those stubborn calories and keep you energetic throughout. Just squeeze a half lime in a glass of water and have it 15-20 minutes before your breakfast or lunch and you are good to go. Who knew losing weight was as easy as drinking a glass of water!

2. It’s Full Of Vitamins

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Are you always low in potassium? Well, worry not because lime is an excellent source of it. Also, limes are rich in vitamin C and fulfil almost 20% of your daily requirements. And this is not all, they have ascorbic acid, iron, calcium and so much more that will prevent heart diseases and brain function.

3. Prevents Tooth Diseases

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Lime water prevents tooth and gum diseases like gingivitis and toothaches. But, even though it prevents these diseases lime is acidic and can degrade tooth enamel. The best way to drink water by not damaging your teeth is by brushing your teeth before drinking it, using a straw to drink it to minimize the contact with tooth enamel, drinking it in one go and by using natural lime with water instead of concentrated chemicals.

4. It Improves Your Digestion

Lime Water
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Are you one of those who experience frequent stomach aches, constipation or indigestion which leaves you with a burning sensation in your heart? Well, you can solve a lot of these problems in one go!
Lime water increases the activity of digestive enzymes and stimulates the digestive tract. It reduces digestive distress, constipation, and heartburn. It also helps in detoxification of the liver.

5. It Boosts Up Your Immunity

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Lime water is full of vitamin C which is acidic and easily neutralizes some of the deadly bacterias. Vitamin C also fights against some viral infections. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sore throat anymore! Because it will even fight throat pain and flu! What more can you expect from a few drops of lime in the water!

6. Keeps Your Skin Healthy And Wrinkle-Free

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Lime water contains a lot of antioxidants which are of course the miracle chemicals that will make your skin shiny and healthy. Also, don’t worry about those wrinkles and blemishes, it’ll take care of it for you. It also detoxifies your blood which will further reduce your skin problems. Imagine having all these skin benefits without any chemical products!

Now as you know all these amazing benefits, are you ready for your cup of lime water!

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