The Statue of Liberty: Crowning the pedestals of history and human existence

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    When you know that you are a passionate traveler, then there are many places around the globe that you will surely want to include in your travel experiences. Well, when talking about a passionate traveler like me, New York is that place I found to be the most admirable. Showcasing some of the highest skyscrapers, some evolutionary historical events and the most pleasing one among the Seven Wonders of the World, The Statue of Liberty standing upright; NYC is the place every traveler would like to visit at least once. As per my experience to the place, you have a lot more interesting facts to know and one of the world’s best cultures to spend your time with.

    The Statue of Liberty: Symbolizing never-ending light of peace and freedom

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    Reaching up high in the sky till the height of 305 is the ever-lit torch spreading out the light of peace. In the mid of the Liberty Island near the Ellis Island in New Jersy and New York city, stands the Statue of Liberty with some historical events addressing humanity. The most popular sightseeing destination in the NYC is the best inclusion in your travel diary. This would probably be the first attractions for a visitor who has stepped on the grounds of the incredible New York City. You will be extremely elated to visit the place. And I can guarantee you the best experiences of your life here.

    Structured as an American woman, copper bodied Miss Liberty stands upright, with the eleven point-star crown and the similarly designed pedestal. This is the best scene I could find under the NYC skies.  Broken chain in her legs, symbolizes freedom. The plaque with engraved letters reading “The New Colossus” makes it even more connected and relates to the people of the beautiful place.

    The statue is the mark, and the surroundings are the places spreading the fragrance of the unforgettable events in the state. Comprising the seven wonders Miss Liberty is the witness of some extremely important historical events at this place. And maybe this is the reason why I got to learn numerous stories related to the place and the people there. Apart from that, the sightseeing is a complete exultation in itself. Further, there are many more things that are known to increase the importance of the place for the visitors and the natives also.

    Relations with historical events

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    There are lots of events that are responsible for this great creation. This statue represents the Roman Goddess, Libertas. This is one of the most memorable gifts to the people of United States by the ones from France. This place was officially establish and properly built in the year 1886 and had been one among most popular tourist attractions in the world. During the years of independence, this came up as the symbol of freedom. And for people like me, it’s a privilege to be a visitor to such beautiful place.

    Making it unique


    My visit to the place was extremely interesting as it showcased incredible facts about the amazing copper statue. The gold shining as the everlasting flames of the torch and the green color of the copper statue due to chemical reactions are the attention seekers. The roman letters mentioning the date of independence establishes the never-ending connection of the statue to the history of the great nation. From the pedestal to the torch and from the statue to the surrounding islands everything was enough to let me experience the unmatched pleasure of being to the place.

    Additional Pleasures

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    There are many other things that you are going to enjoy apart from the beauty of the statue. The museum can also bring you the delight of knowing many more interesting facts from the history of the place. Further, this is the best place I can imagine for sightseeing. You can have some well spent 5 to 6 hours with your people here.

    Best food will make it complete


    Every place exhibits variant tastes and food specialties, and I found the best of it at the Statue of Liberty Crown Café. The authentic recipes and flavors will end up your day with the highly rejuvenating memories of your outing. I would love to experience the contentment of the amazing flavors at the restaurants near the Statue of Liberty. It was something that brought in the sense of completion to the complete day out.

    Well, if you are planning your visit too then surely you are going to find the best degrees of gratification as an explorer and a traveler finding new and interesting places.