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The Most Beautiful Timeless Songs of the 2000s!

In a world full of songs that enter our playlist with a bang and leave just as fast, everyone has that one song in the playlist that no matter how old it gets you just can’t have enough of it!

In a world full of songs that enter our playlist with a bang and leave just as fast, everyone has that one song in the playlist that no matter how old it gets is just too beautiful to skip or remove!

This song is a masterpiece and probably your favourite. You often wonder, why songs like that aren’t made anymore and have already dreamed of playing it at your wedding.

That my friend is your jam and your timeless song.

Want to add more of them in your playlist or discover your Timeless song instead?

If yes, then here’s a list of most beautiful timeless songs of the 2000s!

 All Of Me

All Of Me
Via: BBC

I can’t tell you how many times, I have played this Melody and felt every lyric. This masterpiece by John Legend from his album Love in the future was even the first one on Billboard top 100 in the United States. He wrote this song for his wife and this is probably one of the most touching love songs you will ever hear.

If you are searching for a song to dedicate to your partner or slow dance with them under the sky full of stars, this is your perfect match!

Somebody That I Used To Know

Somebody that I used to know
Via: MetroLyrics

This breakup song sung by Kimbra and Gotye is a chartbuster and had topped several lists. It is even the signature song of Gotye. If you haven’t heard this song and going through a bad break up pause whatever you are doing and listen to it right now! You will end up singing along and it will make the whole process easier. Also, you don’t even need your ex-love when you have this song!

Blank Space

Via: Time

Blank space sung by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is catchy has amazing lyrics and is her way of getting back on media for their false perception of her. The song is for every girl who is judged for her failed relationships or for being “jealous and crazy”. Taylor Swift shuts her haters down with the satirical video of her being that crazy girlfriend. So, sing along and fill the blank space in your playlist with this gem here!

Too Good At Good-Byes

Too Good At Good-Byes
Via: Billboard

This soulful track by English Singer Sam Smith is for every person who was in a toxic or volatile relationship and is quitting it step by step. His voice is melodious and strikes all the right chords in the heart. Something that makes this song timeless is that we all struggle through on and off relationships in our life and every time we get hurt we learn to choose our happiness first. This track will help you realize this throughout!


Via: Pinterest

This song sung by Lorde is one of the best selling singles of all time! This song is for every millennial who is proud of himself/herself and wants to rule the world *not literally*! It has a different kind of vibe and has its fan base. Maybe we don’t have a lot, maybe we are not born royal but that doesn’t make us less than anyone!

I bet you will love listening to these tracks for a very long time!

Happy Listening!

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