The Horrors Of McKamey Manor, America’s Most Extreme Horror House!

Most people love the classic horror houses and like visiting them during Halloween month and occasionally for feeling that rush of adrenaline in their body!

If you are among one of these adrenaline junkies, here is a piece of interesting information. Mckamey Manor which is America’s Most Extreme survival horror will give $20,000 for completing the whole tour called “Desolation”.

Shocking right! Why would anyone give you so much money only to complete a horror tour?

Well, the answer is because it’s a trap to torture you willingly!

Here are some of the facts about McKamey Manor that will send a chill down your spine!

1. The Entry Is Free!

The entry to this torture house is free all you have to do is bring a lot of dog food for their house dogs and donation to operation Greyhound. Aren’t you happy to enter into an expensive horror house for free and also donate for a good cause! Well, don’t make up your mind before you hear about the absurd 40-page waiver.

2. The Absurd 40-Page Waiver!

After the selection process where you will be undergoing medical tests, you will be asked to sign an absurd 40-page waiver. Now, you’ll be wondering what is the big deal in that?

The big deal is that you will be signing a waiver in which you are giving them permission to torture you, abduct you, drown you, feed you rotten food and disgusting things, bury you alive and even saying yes to all forms of physical and mental tortures. On top of that, you can even die and you can’t sue them for that because of the waiver. Shocking! But even after knowing this there is a huge waiting list.

3. The Long Waiting List!

Mckamey Manor
Via: FOX 29 News Philadelphia McKamey Manor: Haunted house requires 40-page waiver, offers …

You won’t believe but there are approximately 27,000 people every year who apply for this traumatic experience and only 100 get selected. If you get selected maybe it’s your unlucky day!

4. They Keep You As A Hostage At The Start!

Mckamey Manor
Via: WoW Amazing The World’s Scariest and Most Exclusive Haunted House That You CAN …

The experience begins with the participants held hostage having their hands tied, they are abducted and taken to a remote location where they are tortured and even sometimes injured.

5. You Can Lose Your Hair, Have A Tooth Extracted Or Have A Tattoo During Your Experience!

During the tour, Participants are sometimes held by their hair or have their heads shaved. They are also told to pull out their teeth without any anaesthesia. They are even forced to have a tattoo! There are no limits to the torture and the actors can do whatever they want!

6. The Food They Force-Feed You Is Disgusting!

Mckamey Manor
Via: FOX 5 DC McKamey Manor: Petition created to shut down ‘extreme’ haunted …

If you are a picky eater never step into this hell. The actors force-feed you rotten and slimy food with disgusting odour and if you puke, then you will have to eat your vomit! Inhuman and gross!!!

7. There Is No Out Until They Have Mercy On You!

McKamey Manor
Via: Fox Business Torture chamber in disguise’: 76K sign petition to shutter McKamey …

There is no safe word and when there is you will have to wait till the actors have mercy on you and stop torturing you endlessly.

8. No One Has Ever Finished The Tour!

Mckamey Manor
Via: McKamey Manor: USA’s Craziest Most Extreme Haunted House …

No one has ever completed this scary tour and the reason behind it is the endless physical and mental torture the participants go through. They are buried with worms, drowned in dirty water and trapped with eels. All of this just to break them down.

A lot of people have claimed that this is just a legal way to torture people and this needs to stop! A petition has been filed to shut down this Manor.

Are you Daring enough to visit this horror house?

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