Best picture award goes to ‘Green Book’

green book

‘Green Book’ was awarded the biggest prize of the night after winning the Oscar for best picture. Already the film has won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture and Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

While giving his speech, Producer Jim Burke said, “We made this film with love, tenderness, and respect,” adding, “And it was all done under the direction of Pete Farrelly.”

Farrelly also thanked Viggo Mortensen in particular, who had to face controversy over the campaign trail.

He also said, “He’s right, this is, the whole story is about love, it’s about loving each other, despite our differences, and finding out the truth about who we are, we’re the same people.”

“This doesn’t start, by the way, without Viggo Mortensen. All these awards are because Viggo and Mahershala and Linda, but it started with Viggo.”

The film had seen Mahershala Ali winning an Oscar for best-supporting actor. For the Best Original Screenplay, the film also won an Oscar.

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