Kick, box and dance your way into the coolest new workout, Fight Klub!


    The first rule of Fight Klub?  You absolutely must talk about fight Klub. Fight Klub is the newest workout craze to sweep the nation. It incorporates Various Kickboxing, boxing and dance move into a fun from head to toe!

    Sessions are set to high-energy music and absolutely no previous boxing experience is required.  Simply turn up, get moving and keep in time with the music. Sessions are set around freestanding punch bags and encourage you to punch and kick your way to peak fitness!

    The positive vibes are so infectious everyone gets involved. It’s the perfect way to get fit, socialize, and show off your moves.

    Kick, punch and dance your way through sessions which take place all over the country. Including at Croydon’s Boxpark, to sweeten the deal, they’ve got your food needs covered too!

    After all, it’s important to keep energy levels up after workout….right? Truck into Caribbean Flavors at fish, wings, and ting or maybe head straight for dessert at dum dum donutterie.

    Go on. You deserve it.  Say goodbye to your workouts and hello to Fight Klub!