China urge its teachers: Please don’t assign homework on WeChat

homework on wechat

Undoubtedly, it’s easy and real-time, but WeChat seems to be taking over the actual homework assigning approach by teachers in China and the education authorities are not so happy.

According to the latest technology news, the Department of Education in China has proposed that teachers should be banned from using WeChat, QQ, or likewise mobile apps to assign homework or ask parents to grade the assignments of students.

The credit goes to the internet roar in China, teachers at immense rate are depending on communication apps such as WeChat to interact with parents and children through groups.

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Nevertheless, digital platforms by teachers are not completely true for all schools in the region. Some parents insist that their children continue to use traditional methods to submit their homework in written form and that includes gentle involvement of the parents.

Proposals by the authorities also try to limit the amount of online homework to reduce proximity among children, which is a growing concern among parents.

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