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Tested remedies to avoid dark complexion

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A fair complexion is the common requisites that most of the women have these days. For today’s people, fair complexion is equal to beauty and attractiveness. When we talk about skin complexion than it clearly means we are talking about the color of the skin.

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Generally people believe that going into the sunlight increases the scalability. But not only from sunlight but also there are many other reasons for which the compilation is dark. Dr. Late Vijayvargiya, Chief Dietitian of Apollo Hospital, is telling about the four things about which the problem arises. Avoiding these things will benefit.

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What are the things to avoid to avoid the dark complexion?

  1. Use a quality skin care product. This increases fairness.
  2. Have facials once a month. It keeps blood circulation proportional. The color is white.
  3. Do not leave the house without wearing sunscreen on face and hands. It shades the color.
  4. Drink plenty of water. This keeps moisture in the skin. The color is white.

Home remedies for avoiding dark complexion:

Buttermilk massage:

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Buttermilk liquid is very essential it can be used to decrease tanning on your face. You can use this liquid before taking bath. Massage it over your entire body.

Hydration is essential:

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It is always told to drink as much of water as much you can. Try to get hydrated every day this will also affect your skin color and result in fairness.

Tomato Juice:

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Tomato juice not only helps in removing dark complexion from your skin but also it prevents you from tanning.

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