Ten Incredible Underwater Discoveries That Left Us Speechless

underwater discoveries

You’re not going to admit some of the fascinating underwater discoveries found in our seas! With 71 percent of the Earth’s surface involved in water, lots of valuable artifacts are obliged to get lost.

This consists of everything from wrecked ships to entire cities. Some of these hidden ancient relics can be worth billions and report us a lot about how ancient individuals lived.

Luckily, recent scientific advancements allow underwater archaeologists to identify things simpler and quicker.

Of course, there’s no idea what they’ll encounter in the future. However we can though look at some of the amazing things they’ve previously found.

These are 10 fascinating underwater discoveries that left us speechless

The Nuestra Senora de Atocha

The Nuestra Senora de Atocha
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Have you ever thought of identifying an ancient world shipwreck full of gold? While it’s an uncommonly rare thing, it is conceivable, and the benefits can be beyond your wildest dreams if you put in the devotion and effort.

Methane Craters

methane craters
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In the 1990’s it was disclosed that the otherwise flat seafloor that exists between Svalbard and Finnmark, in Norway, is buried in unusual massive craters. They differ from 1000 to 3000 feet in width and have set up in the solid bedrock.

What’s more, similar holes have been identified on land, such as an estimate of recently formed holes in the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia.

Blackbeard’s Shipwreck

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Blackbeard Aka  Edward Teach was by far the most popular pirate who navigated the waters around North America and the West Indies until his death on the 22nd of November, 1718.

He and his crew arrested, equipped with 40 cannons, and grew into a sight of terror for anyone sailing in the region.

Oldest Message in a Bottle

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Have you ever got a memo in a bottle? Or sent one out?? It’s a tale we hear very often in our childhood, however, on occasion, it really happens in real life!

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In early 2018, a couple strolling along a beach in Western Australia and looked at a bottle in the sand, however, they couldn’t have understood how marvelous a find this would act out to be.

The Sunken City of Dwarka

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While the legend of Atlantis continues to please, but flee, researchers, it’s not the only sunken city in the world.

Underwater settlements have been discovered in some of the most remarkable places, but one of the most remarkable to have ever been discovered is Dwarka in India. As per legend, it was founded by Krishna, where he strove the evil King Salva.

Sea Monster Figurehead

Via: Wikipedia

In the 1970s, divers discovered remains of a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, however, it was hardly in 2013 that its existence was affirmed as being the flagship of King Hans of Denmark’s fleet, noted the Gribshunden, that sank in 1495. 

The king was on his path to clear a deal between the Scandinavian countries, however, the ship caught on fire, scorching many of those on board.

A New Continent

eighth continet
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Our planet has 7 continents, that’s what’s always been thought. Many millions of years ago the land on earth was all piece of one mass, called Pangea, and has since all cut off to see the layout that we see today.

While it’s natural that there are 7 continents above the sea, in 1995 it was early proposed that there was indeed an 8th one, thing that was literally confirmed in 2017. 

Apollo 11 Engines

Via: Bezos Expeditions

In 1969, Apollo 11 took Neil Armstrong and his companion astronauts to the moon for the absolutely first time- marking a big step in space research, and plastering the US as the heroes of the space race. 

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With such an extraordinary place in history, it’s no miracle, then, that Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, devoted huge resources on working to discover the remains of the Apollo 11 engines and, in 2013, he was successful.

The Deepest Living Fish

The Deepest Living Fish
Via: National Geographic

There’s a lot to be discovered in the sea, especially life. Barely a week goes by without a unique species being observed, and some obviously look like beings from another world!

With extensive sectors of the earth’s seas yet being extremely troublesome to approach, there’s a full world down there just remain to be revealed.

An Exploded Star

exploded star
Via: Discover Magazine Blogs

Every atom that’s discovered on our planet come from in a star when it excluded matter in its ending stages. However, some material is much fresher than others. In 2016, a surprising discovery was made in the Pacific ocean.