Tech News: There will not be a 5G iPhone until 2020


Tech news on 5G iPhone: Every manufacturer seems to be first in the race of introducing 5G smartphone but Apple is unlikely to be amongst in that contest.

As per the latest technology news, Apple is Intel’s primary mobile phone customer and now an executive has disclosed that the 5G modems won’t be available in the market until 2020, This basically means that there will be no 5G iPhone for more than a year now.

There have been many other reports in the Bloomberg and Fast Company, creating similar claims about iPhones with 5G modems which is a little distant reality.

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Intel’s update on the late availability of modem tells that the Apple will slow down once more and wait for the technology to be the perfect one. Meanwhile, Samsung, Xiaomi and Motorola are presenting their 5G-enabled phones this year.

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