World Cup 2019: Maxwell says Team needs to play with freedom to win World Cup title

2019 World Cup

As Australia ready to fight for the World Cup title, all-rounder Glenn Maxwell thinks that the team requires to play with freedom to clinch the desired trophy.

Maxwell said that at the time of their successful 2015 World Cup campaign, a number of players took “big risks” however they did it with so much confidence that not even a single point did the team assume that something could go bad.

“The way we went about one-day cricket in 2015, it was just solid the whole way through. There were big risks, but they didn’t feel like risks when they were happening. Aaron Finch charging opening bowlers and hitting them over the top for four, and you thought, ‘that’s not a risk for Aaron Finch. David Warner hitting over cover-point for four – that’s not a risk. Steve Smith hitting the ball from outside off through forwarding square leg – that’s not a risk. That’s just how the players were playing,”

“Shane Watson muscling blokes wherever he wanted to, and myself doing my thing, the way the whole team set itself up, guys just played their way and played with freedom, and I think if we’re going to win this World Cup then we need to be able to play with freedom … and hopefully the bowlers can back us up the way they did in 2015,” he added.

Talking regarding his demotion to number seven in the batting order, Glenn Maxwell said that his move is “pretty valid” as he has not done well enough to permit a place in the top order. He further affirmed that he did not make most of the moments that were provided to him to seal his place in the top order.

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“That comes down to me as a player. I genuinely missed my opportunities to play well for my country and play well for my spot. They gave me two opportunities to bat the second drop before the England ODI series and unfortunately, I didn’t make the most of it, and I found myself back down the order. That can be how the game goes sometimes,” he added.

Glenn Maxwell was recognized as T20 Player of the Year award at the Australian Cricket Awards in Melbourne. Glenn received the honor for the second time, having won it in 2015.

The 2019 cricket World Cup is set up to be held from May 30 to July 14 in England.