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TATA Tiago EV: The Electric Hatchback Review!!

TATA recently launched an electric hatchback after successfully launching the EV version of its SUV and Sedan. The company has now launched TATA Tiago EV with a revamped electric modulation to its ICE version.

The company has not made too many modifications to the car, but a few changes have made the car even better. The EV version comes with badges that are added after the car’s name to make it TIAGO EV. Blue highlights are added to the corners of the body.


The company has also closed off the grille and has added a Tri-arrow design to the lower part of the bumper. The car now comes with a 3mm change in its ground clearance making it 165mm which does not bother the performance of the vehicle.

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TATA Tiago EV Specs

The modified version is fueled with advanced features that make it a far more better contender than its ICE version. The car now has cruise control, wind-shield sensor, added buttons on steering wheel and lots of other goodies.

TATA Tiago EV has two variants;

for short trips- 19.2 kWh Battery Pack

for long trips- 24 kWh Battery Pack

The car can efficiently generate a Torque of 144 Nm converting it into energy that equals 55 kW.

ZConnect App

TATA has already began to interconnect the automobile industry with the gadgets to make it more efficient for the owners. This app will allow the users to manage the car settings from the app itself. The app provides the battery information and sends a notification on battery status while charging.


The owner can find the location of TATA Tiago from the app. The app can help in controlling car lock, air-conditioning, horn and lights of the vehicle. The app will miraculously enhance the user-experience.

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TATA Tiago EV Price

TATA Tiago EV price will fluctuate according to features that the features but the starting price for the model will range at Rs 8.50 Lakh. The car has a great performance and is available at very economical cost. The car has an average of 220km (24 kWh battery pack). The car is suitably the best choice for lower to middle class people.

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