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Taste And Tradition: 7 Succulent Traditional Recipes For Easter Menu

Victory over death and celebration of Jesus coming back to life, that’s what Easter is celebrated for. The Christian festival brings hope, spring, and raises faith in Christianity among the believers. The Passover or Pascha festival commonly known as Easter is an international flair where each country has their own easter menu ideas. However, with time some traditional Easter recipes have lost their significance.

We have brought Easter menu ideas for your Easter table from countries like England, Italy, and more.

World’s Best Traditional Recipes For Great Easter Celebration

Babka Wielkanocna

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Yeasty, Eggy, and an indulgent delight from Europe is a significant easter food for great Easter Sunday. Babka goes well with lemon icing and few raisins on the top. Europeans enjoy this sweet Polish bread after taking blessings. The bread is favorite as it is also a low cholesterol recipe and gets ready with just one rise.

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The bread is made with simple cake ingredients such as eggs, dry yeast, butter, flour, and sugar.

Wedding Soup

Buona Pasqua!!!

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Italians celebrates Easter with the Minestra di Pasqua with wedding soup which is meaty, healthy, and goes well with lamb dishes. You can add a punch of health to this Italian soup by adding celery, low-sodium chicken broth, kale, spinach, and carrots. Moreover, its satisfying texture and meaty flavor will make your Easter Sunday.


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Greece people enjoy this traditional easter recipe around the year. But, it has immense significance on Kalo Pascha or Good Easter. The flaky pie is cheesy, savory, and comfort food for Greece people but requires master cooking skills to create those crispy layers of pie.

The main ingredient of this dish is phyllo sheets, so make sure you get it at the supermarket nearby otherwise you can’t prepare this traditional Spanakopita. Another important part of this Greece delight is its filling that includes chopped spinach, dill, feta cheese, onion, and garlic coated in olive oil.


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This Russian delight is a great complement to Easter bread which is traditionally known as kulich in Russia. It requires no baking, so it could be quick recipe to have on Easter if you don’t have much time to prepare all the traditional Easter recipes for the guest.

Simply blend the cottage and cream cheese with some butter, sour cream, and fold in vanilla and lemon extract. Add some almonds and let them chill in the refrigerator overnight. Prepare it few hours before the guest arrives.

Pickled Herring

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Light and refreshing, this one hails from the country known worldwide for cleanliness. Swedish people never forget to include this recipe in the buffet no matter what the occasion is. Get the herring preserved in wine sauce, mix it with a dressing made of vinegar and sugar, top with sliced tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. The pickled herring is ready to eat.

Jollof Rice

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To add the spiciness to your celebration, here is one of the best traditional recipes for easter from West Africa. You can either go for a veg option or non-veg, the choice is yours. The rice is cooked in tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce. A little bit of seasoning of cayenne, black pepper, and goodness of veggies complete the Jollof rice. Also, add a pinch of nutmeg to amplify its taste.


traditional easter recipes

This Lebanon recipe is undoubtedly a must-have sweet on Easter but preparing it is a bit tricky. So, leave this task to your grandma or mom. The secret of Ma’moul is the mahleb spice which comes from the cherry seeds. The rest of the ingredients like semolina flour, dry yeast, clarified butter, milk, and date paste are easily available. Use orange blossom water to give ma’maoul an aromatic and rich flavor.

Did you like these Easter menu ideas? So, what are you cooking today?

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