Taliban Behead Junior Female Volleyball Player, Pics Of Bloodied Body Surface

Afghanistan and its innocent citizens are living the horrific nightmares of their life ever since the US decided to end the 20-years long battle. The worst is for female athletes of the country who are dropping their dreams to save their life. Recently, the Taliban brutally murdered a junior volleyball player of the national women’s team of Afghanistan.

The way she was killed can give goosebumps to anyone. A local news agency Persian Independent in an interview with the team’s coach revealed the entire incident.

Taliban Treating Female Athletes As Terrorists, Hunting And Slaughtering Them

taliban killed afghanistan volleyball player

Suraya Afzali (not the original name) who is the coach of the Afghanistan Women Volleyball Team, threw light on the life of athletes since the Taliban take over. They are hunting for females who were active in sports (national and international) and killing them.

Two of the players from the team have managed to escape somehow but Mahjabin Hakimi could not. She was very young and a star player at the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club. Her death left irrecoverable wounds on hearts and minds of every other player in the world.

She was killed this month and her family was threatened by insurgents not to tell much about the incident. So neither her team members nor anyone knows how she died. Recently, the pictures of Mahjabin’s dead body started surfacing on the internet which put light on the whole issue. Her body was slaughtered into two pieces. The Head was cut from the body and pictures of the bloodied neck were posted on social media, as per the sources.

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taliban killed afghan player

Last week, around 100 soccer female players have evacuated the country with their families. A former captain Khalida Popal, said the situations are disturbing and terrorists are targeting women players.

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