Surprising Things You Can Find On The Dark Web!

We, humans, are very curious creatures and out of curiosity, you may have stumbled upon articles or news related to the dark web.

The dark web is the part of the internet that can not be accessed by normal search engines and needs specific software and the Tor browser to be accessed. Although using dark web or darknet is legal there are sites on that which are illegal and even violate human rights!

The dark web isn’t all bad but since it gives good privacy to users, it is a home for a lot of illegal things and criminals.

Here are some surprising things that you can find on the Dark Web!

Illegal Drugs


Illegal drugs
Via: NZ Herald

Finding websites on the dark web which sell illegal drugs is a very easy task. Since the police have been shutting the illegal trade of drugs, the dark web has become the hotspot of these exchanges. Hundreds of websites sell weed and other life-threatening drugs through mail delivery systems which often go untraced. The surprising part is that even when the FBI shuts these websites down, hundreds of new ones pop up every day.

Cannibal Cafe

Cannibal cafe
Via: Thought Catalog

A website existed on the dark web known as cannibal cafe which sold frozen human meat. It also was a safe interactive place for people who wanted to eat other humans and the humans who wanted to be eaten! (Believe me, it’s true!) There were recipes on how to cut the body so that it stays alive the longest and even about the spices used to enhance the flavours of the human organs! *Gross*. A shocking case came to light when the man uploaded the video of cooking another willing human. The video was taken down and the man was arrested!

Stolen credit card numbers

Stolen credit card numbers
Via: The Christian Broadcasting Network

Want some easy cash? Dark Web has a lot of websites that sell stolen credit card numbers in bunches for a few dollars. You can try all of them and if you are lucky, most of them would not be cancelled.

Human Organs

Human Organs
Via: Onedio

Some websites trade in human products that are products made of human skin. Products like belts and shoes are common on those websites and are sold for thousands of dollars. They claim that the products are made by skilled people who have years of experience working with human skin. *Creepy*

Pink Meth

Pink Meth
Via: The Verge

This website contains nude and intimate images of people’s ex-girlfriends with their current address and their details. The woman is later asked for Ransom to take their pictures and other details down from the website. The website was seized by the FBI but there’s no guarantee that other sites like these do not exist.

Red Rooms

Red Rooms
Via: Verdict

In the deepest corner of the web are the red rooms where people are tortured, abused and starved for the sake of pleasure and money. There are people kidnapped, trapped and even harm themselves for money or reasons unknown! The existence of these rooms cannot be ruled out but luckily they are uncommon.

Human trafficking for experimentation

Human trafficking
Via: Rayanworld

Some websites sell humans and their organs. The humans are mostly homeless and are kidnapped from the streets later to be sold for illegal human experimentation to some doctors and scientists. If I were you I would never wander to dark lanes alone!

The dark web can be a scary place, do you dare to explore it?

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