Superdad Builds A 3D Printed Lamborghini Aventador For His Son

We all know how much struggle and hard work our parents put in to see a smile on our face. They try their best to make our wishes come true. But sometimes the demands are so big that they cannot be fulfilled in such a small time.

However, parents cannot leave their children disappointed and take out some way to keep them happy.

lamborghini aventador
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Sterling Backus, couldn’t afford a Lamborghini for his son. The 5.1 crore beauty is after all not everyone’s cup of tea. Backus’s son demanded a Lamborghini after he saw Forza on his Xbox.

lamborghini aventador
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His son asked him “Can We Build One”? Backus who is a chief scientific officer who works at KMLabs in Boulder, Colorado.

Backus decided to build a 3D printed Lamborghini Aventador for his son. The highlight of this great creation was the Lamborghini was drivable. In Fact, it was just the replica of the car his son wanted. Parents can do anything and everything to make their children happy and this is a great example.

lamborghini aventador
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In the hi-tech world the designing of the 3D print was not that difficult, but the working and choosing of the material. He chose carbon fibre to wrap up the plastic parts.

The genius minded father assembled the 3D print design through Creality CR-10 105 desktop 3D printer. The functioning lights, scissor doors, front brake air intake and many more features are included in the car. The car took a very long time to build but it was all worth.

lamborghini aventador
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Backus watched many YouTube videos before he finally builds the masterpiece. He jokingly says – he studied at the YouTube University where he watched many videos that helped him.

He further says that this creation might serve as an educational tool where children can learn about mathematics, art, science, innovation and engineering.


Though Backus maha it possible with all the hard work and dedication, but it was not cheap. He spent $20,000 for the whole designing, building and functioning of the car. However, it is much lower than the actual value of the Lamborghini Aventador.



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