Summer Proof Makeup- Beauty hacks For Long Lasting Lipstick

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    Summer-Proof Makeup- Beauty hacks For Long Lasting Lipstick. Whether the lipstick is dark or light, it spreads on the lips due to heat, causing the face to look bad. In such a case, lipsticks should be applied in such a way that there is moisture in your lips throughout the day.

    Especially in summers we always found our lipstick faded away due to heat. So people usually find ways to make it a long stay during summer days. Know, the correct way to apply lipstick.

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    Keep these things in mind

    • Firstly clean your lips. You can use a dry toothbrush for this. Rubbing lips with a lightweight brush.
    • Now use non-petroleum jelly on the lips. Lips will too moisturize with this.
    • After this remove the extra non-petroleum jelly from the tissue paper on the lips. Pour the tissue on the lips with light hands for this.
    • Now with the help of makeup brush, apply concealer on the lips. With this, when you apply lip liner, lips will get the attractive shape.

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    • Also, by applying a concealer, a lipstick gets a good base, so that the lipstick colour comes out.
    • Place the lip liner in the lip line after the concealer Through lip liner, lips can give a desired shape.
    • But keep in mind that the while applying lip liner don’t move your hands.
    • After applying lip liner fill the lipstick inside the borders. You can also use a Makeup brush for this.
    • Keep your lips open while filling lipstick, so that lipsticks can not get spread in the corners of the lips.
    • Finally, when you put a lipstick, keep thin tissue paper on your lips and press tissue paper with light hands.
    • With this Extra lipstick will be removed and your lips will get a perfect look.

    Hope these hacks will make your lipstick stay long on your lips and you look fresh all the day.