Suitable Dresses According to Body Shapes For Females

Most females have this problem choosing a perfect dress according to their Body Shape or Type, whatever they wear, they don’t get satisfied. This problem arises as many women don’t know which type of dress suit according to their shape.

Many Body types are there like hour glass, Apple shape or some are very slim and straight. So, now choose dress accordingly and be confident, and now don’t be confused. Just read and understand your body shape and most perfect dress according to it.

1) Apple Shaped Body

Body shapes

These girls have little heavier upper body compared to lower body, they have broad shoulders. There waist is not much clear and they have curvy body with less clear waist. Females of these kind of Body shapes are round with large bust and their shoulder and hips are comparatively slight narrower. The perfect outfits for you are:

  • Tops Which you should wear much have V neckilnes and Tunic style tops will look stunning on you.
  • These body shapes don’t have much defined waist and heavy upper body,so you need to concentrate on your legs and wear dresses accordingly. Wear V shaped dresses.
  • Wear printed dresses more and good patterned jackets to add layers like open-front jackets
  • For bottoms wear high-waist flared bottoms, palazzos and belted high waist will also look nice.
  • You can also wear A line dresses, Maxi dresses it will give you a cute look.
  • One thing to remember avoid skinny jeans and body hugging tops.

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2) Hourglass Body Shape

Body shapes

They are basically defined as curvy body. They have well-proportioned body shape. It’s a balanced body type. These females have well-defined waist line. Their upper and lower body have equal length. There shoulders, bust and hips are broad and their waist is narrower. Your curves are your central point. Wardrobe which is best suited for this body shape are:

  • Any dress you wear should highlight your curves, so try wrap top, boat necks, round necks, open necklines, clinched waistlines
  • For highlighting the waist try belts at waist lines.
  • Skirts and A-line dresses will look super fine on you.
  • Skin-fit jeans will highlight your curves
  • Party Gowns with sealed waist is also favourable for this body shape.

3) Pear Shaped Body

Body shapes

These females have a shape like pear, their lower body is bulky than upper body. There waist is more than their bust. There thighs and hips are wider than their shoulder and bust. In fact famous model Kim Kardashian acquires this shape. Proper outfits for them are:

  • Maxi dresses, skirts, long skirts,A-line dresses
  • To appear proportionate you need to highlight your body more
  • Wear Strapless or V neckline tops, crop tops ,off shoulders, square and cowl necks will also look nice.
  • You can add shift dresses in your wardrobe
  • You can also try Ethnic dress like floor length Anarkalis which look thin from waist
  • Don’t wear anything that is fitted on hips

4) Rectangle Body Shape

Body shapes

They have the straight body like ruler, same from top to bottom. There shoulders, hips, bust and waist all are same. These females are little bit curvy but more of a straight Body shapes. Right clothes for these body types are:

  • They need to highlight their whole figure since they  are slim too.
  • Such girls need to add frills, layered tops , collared necks and should wear balloon sleeves
  • Sleeveless or off shoulders can also be tried.
  • You can wear body hugging or fitted dresses to give a more nice shape to body.
  • You can also wear miniskirts, one-pieces
  • Slim-fitting, vertical prints and pleated dresses will make you look remarkable.

5) Inverted Triangle Body Shape

There shoulder are the broadest in their whole body. There bust are large and hips and waist are tapered. Women of this body type need to highlight their arms and shoulders. Dresses suggested for these girls are:

  • Scoop-necks and V-necks are recommended for Inverted Triangle shaped girls.
  • Skin fit jeans, pencil cut skirts will give a refined look.
  • Off shoulders and stripped tops will also add to your charm
  • Just remember these girls should avoid wearing frills, layers, big patterns.



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