Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana is on the bull’s eye of netizens for wearing a bikini

    Shah Rukh Khan, Daughter, Suhana, Wearing A Bikni

    Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) and his family are currently enjoying their vacations in Italy. They are regularly keeping their fans in touch with their updated pictures on their social media accounts.

    On Wednesday, recently shared photo by fan club features SRK’s daughter Suhana Khan in a brown bikiniAnd as usual, the girl has again been in the radar of several haters and trolls on Instagram.

    Here are some trolls that targeted Suhana.

    Troll Attack 1: “Don’t forget you are a Muslim”, “Skin-show is not allowed in Islam”, “You won’t even get a place in hell”

    This seems like it is the only job of the self-appointed Islamist moral police – and the moral police of all other religions – to disturb the Internet for pictures of women (Muslim women in this case) – and then giving them a lecture class about what they should wear , What occasions should be celebrated, how they should be celebrated, what they should wear during celebrating them, what and when and if they can eat, whom they should date or if they should date at all – ad infinitude and ad nausea.

    Nobody needs to take life lessons from these offensive zealots. And does this Fatwa Brigade really expect someone to wear in a pool? A sari, a sherwani, a salwar kameez, a burkha? Need to stop this ridiculous thing.


    Troll Attack 2: “You are shaming your father”

    Suhana is a human being and an adult who is with her individual personality, regardless of the fact who is her father. She is entitled to live her life, the way she wants it to be unless she does not harm anyone in this process.

    In India, people think that they are personally aware of their lavish life from celluloid heroes and heroines in a big way. So they think they know the families of these stars too.

    Dear disgusting trolls, these people do not even know that you are present. For the humiliating comments on Suhana, no one, even SRK or his wife, Gauri, gives a smoke. SRK’s reputation is fine, thanks. On the other hand, your loved one, dear troll, is in tatters.


    Troll Attack 3: “Stop aping western culture”

    Why is Bikini wearing such a big deal? There is no problem criticizing those trolls being part of ‘Western’ culture when it is appropriate or convenient for them. They eat in western fast food joints, watch Hollywood movies, use various western mobile apps, etc.