Story of the man who made the World Laugh -Mr. Bean

He was born in a middle- class family whose father was a farmer. Because he was a hard worker, he got admission in Oxford University. During his days in Oxford, he started taking interest in acting and got enrolled, but he couldn’t perform well due to his speaking disorder. So, he tried his luck with acting but because of his stammering, a lot of TV shows rejected him.

Despite all the hardships, he still believed in himself. Soon, he realized that he could speak fluently whenever he played some character. “

via: The Sun

I found that when I played a character other than myself, the stammering disappeared”. But still, he kept on getting rejected, because he didn’t have a beautiful face & heroic body…………………………But then, He Proved everyone Wrong!

And started his own show “Mr. Bean”, which became a global success. Today, Rowan Atkinson is one of the most famous celebrities of all times, and has a net worth of $132 million.


Rowan’s story teaches us that “For success, you don’t need a beautiful face& heroic body. All you need is hard work ”

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