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Steven Thompson: The Youngest Automobile Certified Detailer !!

As per a press release, Steven Thompson is the youngest detailer in the world to have a Certified Detailer certification from the International Detailing Association at the age of 12. 

On the matter of certification, Steven revealed that his dad started his firm two months ago he was born. After about a couple of months old, his mom was holding him, and he saw his dad cleaning. 

That developed interest in Steven and after this, he went following the way his dad, Steve Thompson went through. 

steven thompson

5 was the actual age when Steven put the pressure washer in his hand. Also, his father polish him so much and motivated him to work harder in a way to achieve professional certification in automotive detailing from the International Detailing Association. 

Father Expressed His Joy

After getting the certificate, Steven’s father expressed his joy stating that “Surprisingly, he did it. And, I am very proud as a father and detailer.” He also spread a bit of humor by saying that I just hate him a little bit and laughed. 

After passing the test and having the skills validated, he didn’t stop. He went further to have his SONAX certificate. Steven Thompson’s father went on further to state that I have been in the industry for 20 years, but now he is more accredited than me. 

steven thompson

Soon after he got the certification, he is in the good books of some biggest names in the detail and reconditioning industry. This thing has made it easier for the boy to work on some of the most iconic cars. 

“In Florida, we met a man named Rego Santana, who is among the three USA Master Trainers with SONAX. He contacted, SONAX and FLEX and the Petersen Museum, and they invited him to train for a week in Laguna Hills.”

Steven revealed that he worked on Steve McQueen’s Jaguar, the GT40 Marklll, and a Porsche. Towards the end of the next month, the skills of Steven Thompson will push a new boundary. 

steven thompson

Steven also revealed that he is working in Ronald Reagan’s Air Force. 

The Next Goal Of Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson is going to New York for achieving his next big target and revealed to KTVB that he is now raising funds for the trip. He is raising the fund by washing cars. 

steven thompson

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The boy has also targeted to train other kids how to detail so far. He is the only SONAX Authorized Detailer in the Gem State. 

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