Spotify wouldn’t be where it is today without App Store: Apple


In the clash of words after the music streaming service, Spotify accused Apple against anti-competition practices in Europe, the iPhone manufacturer replied that the presence of Spotify is due to Apple.

Two days before, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission. The company has been blamed for App Store rules, which deliberately limit choice and restrain innovation.

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As per the reports, Apple launched a counterclaim to allegations of Spotify and calling it a trickster by complaining about App Store fees when Spotify itself distributes music making ever-smaller contributions to the creators.

Based on its revenue share policy, Apple said that its only contribution is for digital goods and services which are bought within the app.

Apple insisted that Spotify wouldn’t have achieved the success it has today without the App Store ecosystem, and now it is taking advantage of its scale to avoid contributing to the ecosystem.