Spotify is live in India to compete with Amazon Music, Gaana, Saavn


Finally Spotify, the US-based streaming service is available in the Indian market which had been long eyeing. For the Indian audience, with its new facilities and custom recommendations, the service will look to compete with other players including Amazon Music, Gaan, and Savan.

The pricing of Spotify for premium members starts from INR 119 per month. Like for Apple Music, there’s even an option for prepaid subscriptions and students discounts.

As Spotify explains in its blog, some of the exclusive features include multi-language music recommendations, songs-on-demand in Spotify Free, India-specific playlists, actors-based curated playlists and city-based playlists which plays new algorithmic playlists based on what is trending in which city.

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In its official blog, the US-based streaming service explained some of the exclusionary features including actors-based curated playlists,city-based playlists, India-specific playlists, multi-language music recommendations, and songs-on-demand in Spotify Free which plays new algorithmic playlists based on what is latest or trending in a particular city.

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Spotify mentions that he has more than 200 million users, including more than 87 million paid subscribers.