Sports: ICC urges more players to share information on corrupt practices

The International Cricket Council (ICC) which is taking the anti-corruption amnesty conduct in Sri Lanka, on Monday requested more players to share any knowledge regarding fraudulent practices in Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC).

ICC’s anti-corruption general manager Alex Marshall said that he is inspired by the kind of feedback they have got so far adding that the knowledge has supported them build up a comprehensive picture in the case.

“I would urge any more players or participants who have any information concerning corrupt conduct to come forward over the next week and share it with us in the strictest of confidence without any fear of repercussions,” Marshall said in a statement.

“I am encouraged by the number of people that have come forward and the new information we’re receiving as a result. This intelligence is assisting our ongoing and wide-ranging investigations in Sri Lanka as well as enabling us to continue to develop a comprehensive picture of the situation there,” he added.

ICC is having a 15-day amnesty from January 16 to 31 to players who have once failed to report any knowledge concerning corrupt conduct in Sri Lankan cricket. It appeals to all participants under both the ICC and Sri Lankan Cricket Anti-Corruption codes.

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Under these codes, both domestic and international participants are obliged to report, without delay, full details of any approaches, incident or information that they receive to engage in corrupt conduct. Failure to do so is a dangerous offense and can occur in a ban from cricket of up to five years.

But, under the amnesty, any information accounted for by a player will not draw a charge for their defeat to report previously.

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