Sonam kapoor’s Wedding Rituals Photos and Videos


    The wedding rituals of have started in Anil Kapoor’s family. On this occasion, Anand Ahuja was present on the spot with Sonam. The happiness of their marriage can be seen on Sonam’s face. On the occasion of henna, the guest was full with guests.

    credit:India Today

    Many Bollywood celebrities have been seen at Sonam’s house on this occasion. Fans are also very excited about Sonam’s wedding. Fans can easily watch the ceremonies moments as people who were present there post time by time photos and videos from the ceremony.

     In the Menhdi Ceremony, which was held at Sonam’s house on Sunday evening, The Cute couple appeared in a romantic style. Not only this, both of them also dance together. By putting arms into each other’s arms, they look really cute together. Sonam was seen enjoying herself which shows her happiness clearly.

    Bollywood’s legendary actress Sridevi’s death has passed more than two months ago. All are quite excited about the marriage of Sonam Kapoor in Kapoor’s family. Well, for the first time in the Kapoor family, someone is going to get married so in such it is possible to miss Late Sridevi.

    Many celebrities attended Sonam’s Mehendi ceremony as media captured them from the outside of the house. They all had great fun on Mehendi ceremony, more rituals are still left to do.

    In this party, Boney Kapoor along came i. In the pictures, he looked very sad. He arrived with both daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

    Photos and videos of Sonam’s wedding ceremonies are going viral. So let’s have a look.

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