Some Life Saving Trial Room Hacks Every Girl Should Know

No doubt shopping is your favourite thing to do. Everyone out there wants to look perfect searching for the perfect fit. It is less likely to find the perfect fitting dress it is must to try before crashing it to the cart. While shopping we are always cheerful but we unknowingly put ourselves in danger of being captured through the hidden cameras.

It might surprise you that many changing rooms invade your personal space. The least suspecting, trial rooms are heaven for lechers and perverts who use your footage unethically for voyeuristic pleasures.

Trial Room Hacks
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There are many incidents where two-way mirrors, hidden cameras and other ways are used to get the personal footage. Many legal complaints are also registered. If one files a complaint against the store owner, it is possible for them to lose their business and they may get closed forever.

It is a big crime to invade or access someone’s personal footage unethically. If you are shopaholic or planning for a shopping day do set the following points to keep yourself safe. Never hesitate in raising your voice against such incidents because it may be ok with you but may suffer someone’s life.

Stand for your safety, be the controller of your own life.

Here Are Some Of The Hacks You Should Keep In Mind


Trial Room Hacks
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Trial rooms are always decorated with glittering lights and huge mirrors. But there might be a hidden camera behind the mirror watching you and saving the videos when you are changing your clothes.

Best way to recognize these two-way mirrors is to touch it with your index finger if the reflection is too close or you see no gap between the finger and reflection then stay aware it is a two-way mirror. You might be watched by a hidden camera from the other side of the mirror.


Trial Room Hacks
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The first thing to do when in a trial room is to switch off lights and put the mobile phone on camera mode, look for a red light. If you find one come out of the trial room immediately and inform others or call for help.

The thing is the two-way mirror concept in order to work demands for darker surrounding and light on the other side. When you switch off the lights the two-way mirror tend to be translucent due to which the red light and another side of the mirror is visible.


Trial Room Hacks
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Another way is to make a call from inside the trial room. If hidden cameras are arround you can not make a call. The call will disconnect or be blocked. The fibre optics intercepts the mobile signals during signal transfer causing blocked calls and disconnected calls. Being precautious is always better than suffering.



Trial Room Hacks
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Remember, the purpose of the trial room is only to check how the cloth fits, never remove all the clothes you are wearing. Whatever you are up to put on, try to wear over the clothes you are wearing. You can have a close look within the confined rooms of your residence.

When you take initiative to spread awareness or help someone out, it is your deed that saves you back. Share this information where ever possible and be the part of the chain saving the owner of every woman. let your surrounding be safe and make a safer place to live.

Love yourself and be safe.


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