Snails, Pig collagen And What Not! Find Out What’s Inside Your Beauty Products!

Beauty Industry has been on the rise, with its everlasting demand and our society being so focused on looks.
Beauty companies are giving tough competition to each other.
Sometimes, to make their products better and unique they add some bizarre ingredients to add up to the effectiveness.

Here are 10 strange beauty products you would never think of buying.

1. Super Aqua Snail Hydrogel Mask

The main ingredient of this hydrogel mask is “Snail slime extract” which of course a lot of people would not be a fan of.
The snail slime is used for skin troubles like acne scar, redness, dark and dull skin tone, etc. Though the users claim that the product is extremely good, one has to be Daring enough to try.

Super aqua snail hydrogel mask
Via: Mad About My Skin

2. Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream

This product contains cheese or more specifically whey which is a by-product of cheese or casein. The product description states that “It will extend bouncily on your face such as “mozzarella-cheese” and give elasticity without dryness all day long”.
The weird part about this product is that it doesn’t smell like cheese but the texture is similar to the ingredient.

Dreams come true bounce cheese cream
Via: Emilysdaily –

3. Pig Collagen Jelly Cream

With no surprise, this Korean product contains 50% of chubby pig collagen contained for elastic skin. This product is used for wrinkle improvement, moisturizing and skin protection as the pig collagen is very similar to that of human.

Pig Collagen

4. Matcha Latte Eye Cream 

Do you love your Matcha Latte green tea, you can now enjoy the eye cream as well.
This eye cream contains matcha latte which is full of anti-oxidants and claims to minimize the dark circles and puffiness of the eyes.
This product received positive feedback from the consumers and works well.

Matcha Latte eye cream

5. TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Mask

We all have mayonnaise as a food product, ever thought about adding it your hairs!
Well, this hair mask contains mayonnaise which will leave your hair shiny and moisturized and don’t worry it’ll leave your hair smelling like a mixture of vanilla and macadamia nuts!

TONYMOLY haeyo mayo hair mask
Via: Kpoptown

6. Sheep Placenta Serum

The placenta is the part that comes out later giving birth, and this product contains just that. This wrinkle-reducing serum is made up of sheep placenta and stem cells which are magically going to make your skin look younger. Oddly enough, this hasn’t been proven medically.

Sheep placenta serum

7. Ambergris Perfumes

We all use perfumes, but have you checked out the ingredients yet?
Ambergris is an ingredient used in expensive perfumes whose remains are found in sea and beaches, which originates from the sperm whale. It is a want substance found inside the stomach if sperm whale which is technical “whale vomit”

Ambergris perfumes
Via: British gq

8. Egg White Balm TONYMOLY USA

This balm is formulated with egg whites, which eliminates dead skin cells and dissolves excess oils.
Well, TONYMOLY did took it as a challenge to inculcate a lot of food items in their products recently.


Egg white balm TONYMOLY USA
Via: tonymoly usa

9. The Poop Highlighter

This product looks like human excreta but works surprisingly good. In reality, this product does not contain any excreta and the whipped texture helps it dissolve in the skin and gives a matte finish.

The poop highlighter
Via: Allure

10. Wild Ferns Bee Venom Serum

This product has bee venom which may sound unsettling but is good for energizing your skin.
It also stimulates collagen production, provides vitality and radiance.

Wild ferns bee venom serum
Via: Shopee Malaysia

As these beauty products are on the rise, and many more strange products are yet to come, are you daring enough to try these?



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