Smartphones Are More Dirty Than A Toilet Seat?


    A study in the past reveals that an average cell Smartphone contains more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat which calculates around 18 times or 25.000 germs per square inch on almost every cell phone.

    According to the study, in today’s scenario our lifestyle we pursue in which cell phones have become an integral part of life. Every time, everywhere we may go and carry our phones is the reason why our smartphones are so “not hygienic”. Most people carry their phones in their hands or keep them in their pockets or bags. And thus, the cell phone gets hot and sweaty, which results in the growth of germs.

    Many times while calling or surfing the net, playing games or doing any other stuff and on several other occasions we use the cell phones with dirty hands. Even most people while having the food use their mobile phones which is again an invitation to germs.

    Our phone becomes the limelight of attraction for germs if you use it while you are suffering from cold or flu too. Even after you recover from the suffering, the germs are still stuck on your phone if you not clean your phone after you recover.

    Your cell phones will have germs even if you wash your hands time and again, not use the phone while you are in the toilet, and haven’t used while you are sick.

    Once you put the cell phones to your face, the germs present on your phone will have a direct path to follow into your body parts- mouth, ears, and nasal.

    The best way to clean to keep your phone clean is-

    To purchase Hygiene self-sanitizing, germ-killing phone case and screen guard. Because it is completely safe, non-toxic, and will help in killing the germs on your phone.

    Here are some steps that will help to keep your phone clean-

    Before cleaning disconnect your phone first from an external power source. Now turn it off, remove the battery (if you have), seal all the ports which are open with tape- to avoid any kind of damage.

    1. Soft, microfiber cloth

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    NOTE: Apple makes a strict warning if you use alcohol rubbing or using white vinegar and other substances to clean your phone. They say try at your own risk.

    From this type of cleaning, it will remove oily fingerprints, spots from both- The screen and the cell phone.

    • Spray some water on the side of the cloth, “remember not to spray on phones directly” and then
    • With gentle hands, wipe your phone with the cloth upside down the screen.
    • Use the dry corner of the cloth to remove excess moisture from the phone.

    Avoid using rough clothes, towels, paper towels or any other similar or related items because they may damage or scratch your phone.

    1. Cotton buds

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    With cotton buds, you can see-off to germs present on your phone. Cotton-buds do much better than the microfiber cloth in removing the dust and junks from even the harder areas of the phone that is difficult to reach just as in the image mentioned below.

    Also works well in the corners and edges of the phone.

    1. Rubbing Alcohol and Water

    Rubbing alcohol is also used to clean your phones making them oil-free, smudge less.

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    1. Vinegar and Distilled water

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    Mix 50% distilled water and 50% white vinegar for cleaning your phones.

    It is the best solution if you don’t want to switch to alcohol option!

    • Prepare a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water- 50% both.
    • Spray the mixture of white vinegar and distilled water on the side or corner of the cloth, “remember not to spray the mixture on phones directly” and then
    • With gentle hands, clean your phone with the cloth upside down the screen.
    • Use the dry corner of the cloth to remove excess moisture from the phone.