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Skin, Hair, Weight And Health Problems? This Dry Fruit Helps To Fight All The Problems

Anjeer (also called figs) is a dry fruit that contains so many vitamins and minerals, and it is the only dry fruit that will help you by contributing to the betterment of your health and can make you fit.

Anjeer is a dry fruit that is the oldest fruits eaten by the humans and are always fascinated by mankind. The Greeks believe that the forbidden fruit was fig(anjeer) not an apple. Also it holds an important place for Greeks. Cleopatra was extremely sharp and she swore by this fruit.

Here Served The Benefits of Anjeer (figs)

Controls your weight:


If you want to gain or lose your weight figs are going to help you in both the manner. They have sweet taste and are rich in fiber. Figs are suggested by the Dietitians to the people who wants to gain or lose a few kilos so figs help to keep the stomach full for a longer time. It should be consumed with milk and should be taken in more quantity to gain some weight. So you can use it either to gain or lose your weight.

2. Helps in constipation:

Today many people are affected by this constipation problem. To deal with it, figs can help you a lot. They are very high in fiber. To have a happy stomach, chew 3 figs everyday and get a healthy stomach.

3. Heart diseases can be prevented:

Triglycerides trigger various heart diseases. Good fats like phenol, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids combat triglycerides. These fats are present in figs that help to reduce the chances of coronary heart diseases. So here is another disease that is tackled by figs.

4. Lowers cholesterol:


Figs help to lower the level of cholesterol. It has a soluble fiber named pectin. These fibers dissolve in blood. The extra clumps of cholesterol get wiped on the way to the excretory system. In this way the cholesterol level gets lower to a significant value.

5. The chances of colon and breast cancer get reduces:

The fibers that are present in figs help in many ways. It regulates the women’s hormones after menopause and gives rid from cancer causing substances and the free radicals. This all contributes to lower the chances of breast and colon cancer.

Have figs get better eyes:

Eating figs can help to keep your eyes healthy. The retinal problems are due to the macular degeneration and figs prevent macular degeneration. Also the problem of vision loss can be prevented by fig. So the problem is solved with just a fig.

Make liver healthy:

It is the thing that makes your liver strong and makes it detox naturally. The obstruction that may be present in your liver gets cleared.

Improves the immune system:

Figs provide many nutrients (you can also say it is a powerhouse of nutrition). You can get rid of the bacteria, roundworms and viruses, if you take it regularly. This thing will make you disease free resulting in a good immune system.

Make your skin healthy:


Vitamin-C and antioxidants present in the fig help the skin to stay hydrated and fight from free radicals. Your skin will become soft and wrinkle-free if you eat figs or add them in your face-packs.

After reading it fully, here is hope you will be able to get that ‘Anjeer’ Is One Dry Fruit That Helps You Fight All The Weight, Hair, Skin And Health Problems.

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