Simple Life Hacks: 5 Zero-Budget Ways To Upgrade Your Life

At some point of time in our life, we all feel less productive and unorganized. It’s when our life sets in a hamster wheel working pointlessly with no results. A break (short or long) may help you get back on track but if this ‘Me Time’ is spent inappropriately, it’s a waste.

Few simple life hacks (as mentioned in our post) help improve life, become more productive, organized, and energetic.

No, you don’t have to invest money to upgrade your life; all you need to invest is your time and energy. And these life hacks, tips, and tricks cost nothing but give you meaningful results.

Simple Life Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

#1. Keep A Bullet Journal


A to-do list and organizer are equally effective but bullet journaling makes you more creative and lets you brainstorm about the goals. They need a monthly reflection upon your long-term goals and include symbols, characters, creative sections, and index, and log section.

One has to be clearer in their mind while writing a bullet journal making you more organized and ready for the actions.

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#2. Clutter-Free Life


There’s so much around us from our house, bedroom, personal and professional life that unnecessarily distract us. We don’t need or want those things or people but can’t ignore them. This adds up stress and invites chaos making us feel frustrated, unorganized, and irritating.

Cut them out, stop calling those people, remove all the items you don’t need or things that unnecessarily keep you busy. It is one of the most productive ways to upgrade your life.

#3. Surround Yourself With Nature

simple life hacks

Keeping few plants around you won’t help you alone, go out instead. Nature is the best healer and it’s the place where your body, mind, and soul rejuvenate. Walk in the garden daily or simply exploring new areas will improve your mental health. It’s both a physical and mental break from the busy life. Make it a routine habit.

#4. Utilize Your Commute Time


Those traveling long distances every day to reach the workplace often feel sluggish and drain out of energy soon. This affects their productivity and they don’t even realize the real cause behind it. But it can make you more productive as well if you utilize the commute time.

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Read a magazine, listen to mindful podcasts, or simply prepare for the upcoming meeting; this will help in brainstorming, reduce exhaustion, and make traveling enjoyable.

#5. Practice Saying ‘No’


No sounds rude especially when others say it but it’s important. One should not be a people pleaser and agree to whatever others say, or go out with colleagues or friends even when they don’t want to. It will steal your time without letting you aware of it. So, say no when you are not completely ready or to the things that seem less important to you.

Upgrade your life with nothing and cut off all stress, restlessness, frustration, and stay organized. But discipline and practice are the most important components of these simple life hacks. Are you ready for the change?

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