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Shubman Gill can be future leader for Gujarat Titans: Vikram Solanki


Indian Premier League is one of the most awaited cricket tournament not only for Indian fans but also for all the cricket fans over the world. It is an amazing experience for all the players of different teams to come up and share all their knowledge and experience among other players without any indiffence.

As IPL is going to start in just few days, many news keeps on popping and stirring the internet. One of these news to keep your eyes on is about Shubham Gill and his capability of leading Gujrat Titans. Vikram Solanki, a former England player,now an English cricket coach, stated that he sees Shubham Gill as the future leader of Gujarat Titans.

Shubman Gill, the talented India opener, possesses a sharp cricketing brain and a strong work ethic, making him a potential leader of the Gujarat Titans. On Thursday, Director of Cricket Vikram Solanki unveiled Gill’s brilliant qualities, paving the way for an exciting future.

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Pinnacle of skill- Shubman Gill

Talking about this player, he made his A- List debut in 2017 and was added to the Gujrat Titans’ team on 12th February, 2022.Gill was an unstoppable force on the cricket field, winning the BCCI Award for the Best Junior Cricketer for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014.

His remarkable effort earned him a call-up to the U19 team, where he answered with glory– heading India to a magnificent 3-1 win over England in the Youth ODIs. His performance was extraordinary, clocking 351 runs in 4 matches, showcasing his undisputed champion status. But Gill was far from done; in his first tour of England soon after, he proved he was capable of reaching ever greater heights.

Shubman Gill
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Competent yet firm

Gill has firmly established himself as a key member of the Indian squad within the last six months, particularly due to his heroic double century against New Zealand in ODIs. His spectacular performance continued in the Gujarat Titans winning streak last year; a truly daring journey!

“Shubman is a leader in his own right for the simple fact that he takes on a lot of responsibility. In my mind, it is not important that you play with an asterisk next to a player’s name,” Solanki told reporters  on Thursday. Having a calm and composed mind, he is all set to capture the hearts of all cricket fans and start the show of his top- scoring skills.

At an age of just 23, he has already proved himself as a player with a captain’s aura and he will surely achieve success with his conquering determination of chasing his goals. He may be young but nobody can deny the fact that he is one of the best choice for leading the future team whether be it IPL or India’ s top 11.

Gujarat Titans winning streak last year
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Further Ahead

Solanki emphatically believes that whilst no decision has been made yet, the future certainly holds great potential for Shubman, who possesses immense leadership capabilities and a wealth of talent. He is a very mature individual, whose rise to the top is sure to be an enthralling journey.

He also said that he has quite a natural brain and they always initiate conversation and ask for his opinions for better results. He has been behind Hardik Pandya in the last IPL regarding runs scored and in this year’s IPL as well, he is being seen as an important player for the tournament as well as upcoming events.

With a new change in IPL rules, regarding choosing of playing eleven after toss, it will be interesting to see the various strategies which may be used by different teams. There is Asia cup and ODI World Cup which may keep players busy and hence India’s top players should be in good form.

Many players just completed their respective parts in the Tests and ODIs against Australia, are now ready to join the IPL. According to Solanki, the franchise will be keeping a close eye on these players for future reference.

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