Should Nirbhaya’s Convicts’ Lawyer AP Singh Be Hanged Too?

Finally, justice has arrived for her. All four convicts Or ASSHOLES were hanged today at 5:30 am. Today is a day for celebration. I know many would now say why we should celebrate and be happy about such a deadly act with Nirbhaya.


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But Guys think about the tears of happiness in her family’s eyes after such a long time of hustle for justice.

So let’s Celebrate Today and hope every single rapist or such minded people get a lesson that no crime is unpunished.

While everyone is celebrating the final Nirtbhaya’s verdict, there is AP Singh, Convicts’ lawyer, who has made a shameless statement on Nibhaya’s character.


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He is AP Singh, the advocate who fought against Nirbhaya and for Nirbhaya rapist. He was so keen on protecting those monsters that he literally said to Nirbhaya’s mother after a hearing in the court complex, “Do whatever you want, I am challenging you that none of the rapists would be hanged to death in this lifetime.” After the execution, now this statement holds no purpose. But, look at him now, look at how he thinks about females.


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Had his behavior been the same if his own daughter/sister/mother/wife/female friend would be there instead of Nirbhya?

Now, it is our collective duty to search for his family members, their details and start shaming them everywhere, DO NOT leave any platform when it comes to shaming them.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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