Shocking And Stinky! Farts Can Spread Coronavirus Too

Coronavirus is spreading tremendously like a fire across the globe. It has increased fear in the minds of people especially after those with no coronavirus symptoms turn out to be positive. That’s terrifying!

Masks and other sanitary measures are those very important to follow to ensure nobody gets coronavirus symptoms. So far we know that the virus can enter into our bodies via eyes, nose, and mouth.

But research says that besides these, the virus can enter through one more way. What you are going to read now is both shocking and weird, also you may read it twice because it’s unbelievable.

It’s your farts through which corona can reach your body. You read it absolutely right. As per new research, farts can spread coronavirus and is now a new carrier. That’s stinky and scary too!

Here’s What The Research Says

Recently in a podcast, a doctor from Australia, Dr Andy Tagg, gave this alarming news to the citizens. Where everyone is trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus by wearing masks and using sanitation measures, this research has made everyone think again on the preventive measures.

What the research says that farting with a bottom bare can spread the virus. In short, your fart can spread coronavirus if you are not wearing clothes.

Well, what else the doctor said is everyone should try not to fart close to other people. Farts are natural as we are human after all. Nobody would like to do it while sitting or standing next to someone. That’s bad manners.

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How Much Truth Does This Research Hold?

farts can spread coronavirus

Dr Andy Tagg said that farts can contain aerosol particles. These particles can possibly transmit the virus. Moreover, faeces contain aerosol particles too.

The doctor had conducted a study on covid-19 patients. He found that their faeces contain the virus. Even the past researchers have warned about the faeces containing the virus.

Moreover, the past studies have proof of farts fueling the growth of germs. As a result, germs can travel to long distances and spread disease. However, there was no such backing about viral growth.

Till now there is no published data that can confirm whether farts can spread coronavirus or not. But the Chinese wing of CDC had supported this study early this year.

So, whether it’s true or just an assumption, one should definitely not fart bare bottom and next to anyone.

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