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‘Dont Harass Me, I dont Have Corona’ IndiGo Staff Shares Story Of Discrimination By Neighbours

Coronavirus has sadly hit many people across the globe, and the whole world is undergoing a lockdown situation. Lockdown of 80 districts has been announced by district and state government looking after the seriousness of the matter.

People are in self-isolation to anyhow control the spread of the virus. On the other hand, Hospital staff and Airlines staff are risking their own lives working relentlessly to save the passengers from this deadly virus. Instead of appreciating them, some people are severely criticizing them.

Recently An IndiGo airline staff released a video saying that neighbors have tortured her and her mother.

Priyanka Kandap, she took to her social media handle and shared this video and captioned it:

“Have some humanity people .. Listen to Amrita..crew with @IndiGo6E, she is broken from being discriminated, for what?? For doing her duty?When she is gone for her job, her mother is even refused groceries in her society.
This is highly unacceptable”

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Watch The Video Below:

In the video, Amrita can be seen saying:

“Being in service industry, we people are facing a lot. I am living in a place full of hypocrites, including the local police. Whereas my job requires that I have to be there on duty and my company is taking full precautions for me to be safe.
Me and my mother stay together and when I am not at home, they are harassing my mother like anything. She can’t go out to buy groceries because people refuse her saying that ‘your daughter has corona, you might also have it’.
We are being checked in and out and we are safer than you guys. We are taking much more precautions. If I am infected, I will go to the hospital first, rather than doing my job. And obviously, my body will not allow me to work, right?”

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After reading such tweets, The Aviation Minister reacted to people, he said:

“Deeply distressed to know that some aviation professionals who have been at the forefront of India’s efforts to prevent & contain the spread of Coronavirus & even rescue fellow citizens from COVID19 around the world are being harassed by their neighbours, RWAs & others.”
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