Send your exes worst texts to SheRateDogs and laugh through the pain

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Send your exes’ worst texts to #SheRateDogs and laugh through the pain! If you are clear with the view of a public washroom brimming with drunken girls, you may understand better. Well, undeniably SheRateDogs had been the digital version of that.

It may take a bit of consideration to actually understand how validating a group of total strangers could be. A women restroom at a club or bar could be a perfect illustration of that.

Randomly arriving women will have all the verbal stuff to make you feel delighted with their compliments on your make up; skillfully help to tuck back the tag attached to your bodysuit and most importantly help you with spontaneous yet appreciable love advice. Well, of course, they will often emerge as the shout out version of the ICONIC Britney Spears’ T-shirt saying: DUMP HIM.

Twitter is certainly lit with the ‘out-of-the-world’ engagements on @SheRatesDogs account that had been interesting enough to amass over 26000 twitter followers within the short period of its creation on Saturday. It had been a blazing platform with all sorts of shitty texts from equally ‘shitty’ exes that would make you laugh really hard.


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 This spoof to the WeRateDogs had made an absolutely funny entry in the world of Twitter. It’s just wondrous to know that people actually have such crappy experiences while dating! They will make you go mad. Moreover, as per my opinion, it could be one of the ‘best’ platforms to get over your pain, getting hard hits of laughter.

This process of shaming bad men anonymously with the screenshots of their shitty texts surprisingly holds some deep cathartic abilities. Though, even the account creator was not sure that it would get popular this faster, highly relatable texts did the task absolutely well. People seem to be extremely excited about these hilarious interactions, certainly because they’re being relieved of their pain.

Here are some shared texts that leave you amazed, like “really!!”

1) They’re really incredible creatures. What a healing process. 

2) How about your tip before forcing a girl to contact you

3) “Girls are crazy”

4) When you need to visit your dying grandmother but he needs his Juul.

5) I just…….. how are men real

6) Wow he snapped

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7) Gotta love another dude on Snapchat messaging. Always a good sign

8) When you block him so he makes fake Instagram accounts to try to get you back