See these 25 super stunning modern table lamps


    Nothing new when we want to brighten the darker corner of our room or transforming the boring living rooms into an exciting space. With plentiful designs, shapes, colors, dimensions, these original and unique table lamps will give you the most appropriate methods that will give a standout lightning touch to a room. This section of creative modern table lamps enhances the interior designing and therefore we have compiled an unusual list of lamps that you force to say Wow!

    Have a look to the most artful lamps.

    1. Sitting Robot Industrial Lamp

    Sitting Robot Industrial Lamp

    A bang on start to resume the list of the most creative table lamps. This lamp looks like a small heavy-hearted robot. Thinking something deep? hahaha!

    2. Titanic Lamp  

    titanic lamp

    This modern table lamp will make you remind of the sad TITANIC story! This lamp was designed by Charles Trevelyan and was inspired by this historic movie. The lamp seems to be leaning down as if it is sinking below the surface of the table.

    3. Abyss Lamp

    abyss led lamp

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    The wavy twists and turns of the Abyss table lamp of the Kundalini look alike path of your intestines. Due to its flexible segmented construction, Abyss can be adjusted in different shapes. Hiding under your opalescent polycarbonate skin, there are many bright white LEDs that provide clean, green radiation.

    4. Morbid Lamp

    enpieza lamp

    This morbid lamp was built by design studio Enpieza located in Spain. Kind of a crazy thing is hanged from the top of the lamp and is glowing The lamp looks very simple, except for the hanging anthropomorphic shape.

    5. Stacked Rock Lamp

    stacked rock lamp

    Stacked rock lamp is a lamp which gathers all your attention towards a question that how these rocks can stay in that position. Isn’t it? The rocks are fixed together in a pillar so that the light flashes down them like a waterfall.

    6. Nymph Lamp

    nymph lamp

    The Nymph is a luxurious lamp designed by Site Specific Design, Brooklyn-based interior and furniture design company and was given a shape of an insect in its nymph life stage, having multi-legs which turn your head to see the amazement of this extraordinary lamp. Body is made up of two-part fiberglass, mold-white lacquer finish. The light covers are made of Corian. The legs are ⅝” of hollow steel tubes.

    7. Kathlyn Table Lamps


    This fanciful table lamp makes an interesting way to pinpoint your eyes towards it in any room. The color choice is amazing and the style is typical and timeless in every sense

    8. Large Driftwood Table Lamp


    If you are looking for a large table lamp for a living room that will bring fresh and marine feeling to the room, then this lamp goes with that requirement. The raw and effortless look of this amazing lamp will add more beauty to any room.

    9. Geometric LED Camel Lamp


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    This small geometric fanciful table lamp might not completely lighten up your room but surely they will seal the word interior design. The lamp despite fully flat has acrylic glass looks like a 3D interpretation of camels, which makes itself look cool and unique.

    10. White Quartz Crystal Table Lamp

    ATTACHMENT DETAILS White-Quartz-Crystal-Table-Lamp

    If you have a lot of space in your apartment or home, you can take large and bold pieces of interior used to decorate your place. A large table lamp can perform miracles in a room that feels very empty. Especially if it is a lamp like this. It uses a large white quartz crystal to create a breathtaking piece of minimal light art.

    11. Bowler Hat Table Lamp

    Bowler Hat Table Lamp

    These exclusive and rare unique table lamps look very enjoyable, though they feature just the bowler hat placed on the pole. Somewhat looks like a Charlie Chaplin’s hat. Nevertheless, these lamps will be perfect for any house with modern decoration. Also, you can ‘tip’ the hat to adjust the light angle.

    12. Handmade Wooden Burnt Lamp


    This unique table lamp may be inspired by the scary horror movies. According to some people, an interesting lamp similar to Minecraft. This lamp definitely seeks your attention once.

    13. Wooden Retro Box Table Lamps


    These cute little table lamps will surely grab your attention. The lamp is a combination of both retro and modern style to give you a table lamp, which looks like a small retro speaker and can be an integral part of any decor. The variety in delicate colors makes it look even more beautiful.

    14. Bird Cage Table Lamp

    bird cage lamp

    It is one of the most creative table lamps because it not only acts as a lamp, but it’s also a small art formation. The copper base of the lamp keeps different kinds of realistic birds inside and it looks absolutely attractive. It will add some charm to any room who loves nature and color.

    15. Transparent Leaves Plant Night Light

    ATTACHMENT DETAILS Saved. Transparent-Leaves-Plant-Night-Light lamp

    This artistry of beautiful piece works as a unique night light. The transparent leaves of this “plant” conduct LED light through the decorated nerves or veins and emit a soft green glow. In the light of day, the lamp looks unique just like at night.

    16. Stacking Tetris Lights

    stacking tetris lamp

    Stacking Tetris Light lamp is one of the most amusing and funky table lamps that fans of retro video games can ask for. Tetris pieces only light up contact with other pieces. This allows you to pile up in many combinations, which creates a perfect activity to waste time and still have an eternal fun.

    17. Multi-colored Bubble Tree Table Lamp


    Want your room to be full of vibrant shades? This lamp will do the trick. It looks like a small magical tree with colorful branches having bubbles seated at the top of the bronze base. It is one of the creative table lamps that will appear in organic and in place in any room of the house.

    18. Rustic Metallic Fiddler Table Lamp


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    You will love to have the unique table lamps that look not only great but also can boast a lot of personality for a not alive object. Massed from metal scraps and parts, this fascinating fellow is playing his violin.

    19. Miniature Saltwater Aquarium Lamp

    Miniature Saltwater Aquarium Lamp

    If you want to do some experiment with your lamp adding a unique look, then this aquarium lamps can be one for you. The LED lights used in the construction of this are required spectrum to maintain livestock, so the residents of lamp live a happy life in it. The fact that this minimalist lamp looks really amazing.

    20. Splyt Light Modular Tree Lamp


    This modular tree lighting system allows you to customize the lamp by the way you want to see it yourself. It looks like a modern minimalist tree, with beautiful branches and radiating bulbs on the peak of each branch.

    21. Colorful Butterflies Table Lamp


    This beautiful lamp is just ideal if you want to add something of more shades to lighten the room. These endearing butterflies make this lamp so attractive that roam around the light in a complex pattern. This is the perfect lamp for a bedroom or nursery room.

    22. Mr. Owl Touch Lamp


    This modern table lamp has Mr. Owl on it- an attractive small brass owl that breathes in some life and enjoys this piece of interior design. When you touch Mr. Owl, the light will be triggered by owl through three levels of brightness or switch it off. Perfect for a bedroom or a study.

    23. Lull Lamp

    fl lull aug lamp

    LULL is a lamp which opens and closes with its petals like a flower. In the evening the lamp gives a warm light to give a sense of security, while it gradually stops itself. The lamp opens in the morning, slowly increasing the light intensity to give the user more enjoyable awakening. LULL has also received an award made from GiForm 2007, an industrial design competition in Norway. “

    24. Duck Lamp


    Sebastian Errazuriz was the creator of this creature lamp which is a really strange and scary lamp. Unique design makes this lamp interesting. It is spooky enough to give shocking experiences to your friends!

    25. Mushroom Lamp


    Mushroom lamps are a luminous work of technology. But this is not a power efficient LED, which will spread the life of the 4AA battery power supply which affects us. It is a lawsuit for avoiding a licensed business case. Recalling the mushroom floating in the famous Mario Brothers of Nintendo.