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See, how you should store and consume your craft beer

Only true beer lovers can understand the value of freshly brewed craft beer. And if you are one of them, then here’s a tip for you.

As per a recent study, craft beer should be kept cold and should be consumed as fresh as possible.

After three months, cold-stored beer already loses more than one-third of a influential hop odor, which is characterized by the typical aroma of many craft beers.

Studies show that storage at room temperature causes the concentration of this substance to decrease even more significantly.

Not only craftsmanship, but a strong hop aroma also separates many craft beers from mainstream beers. Brewmasters achieve the mainstream beers by an additional, late addition of hops to the young beer.

In this so-called “dry hopping”, a complex name of the substance, 4-mercapto-4-methyl pentane-2-one plays a crucial role. Its smell reminds you of black currant berries.

As per the recent study published in Bruising Science journal, some nanograms (ng) of the odorant per liter are enough to significantly affect the distinctive smell of beer.

As part of the study, the researchers team tested both filtered and unfiltered dry-hopped craft beer. During the six-month study period, the researchers kept the beer at a constant temperature of 5 and 20 degree Celsius.

According to a lead researcher of the study, Reglitz said,  “Anyone who prefers a beer with a strong hop aroma should not store craft beer for long,”

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