5 Secret Whatsapp Features That Everyone Should Know About

    Credit: YouTube

    No doubt Whatsapp is among the most popular and used messaging apps. Day by day Whatsapp company comes up with new features to enhance every user experience. From Whatsapp story feature to delete message for everyone you think you know all its features? But no you are not right, there are some more features that you are not at all aware of in Whatsapp.

    So today we decided to reveal those features with you all:

    Without showing blue ticks you can see the messages


    You must know the turn off the blue tick feature of Whatsapp. But doing so also unable you to see the blue ticks on the messages you send to someone. But now you can see blue ticks on your send messages without letting the sender know about it. When you get the message notification just put turn Airplane mode on your phone and read that message. After reading it go back from Whatsapp then turn off the Airplane mode.

    Use Starred Messages


    If you want to bookmark any message and want to avoid scrolling over long chats to get that one message You can simply use starred message option. You can select the message you want to save as bookmark and yo find that message ygo on menu option from there click on starred message.

    Use Whatsapp while using Youtube


    When you receive any YouTube link on whatsapp while you try to open it, it directly takes you to the YouTube while minimising the whatsapp. But with the updated whatsapp you can use both YouTube and Whatsapp at the same time.

    Transfer money through Whatsapp


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    It is considered as one of the best features of Whatsapp till now. This feature has been recently introduced. Only you required UPI-account which can be easily created through the UPI app. Tap on the payment option in Whatsapp and choose your bank from the lists of banks and make the payment.

    Delete for everyone


    Personally i feel that it is one of the best feature of Whatsapp. Sometimes we accidentally send a message to someone and regret about it. But thankfully now you can simply hold on the message and select option “ delete for everyone”. But remember this message can only be deleted under 7 minutes. Soon Whatsapp will increases the time limit maybe to an hour.