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Scoopwhoop’s CEO Resigns Over Allegations Of Sexual Assault By Ex-Employee, Know Full Story Here

Very shocking news is coming from one of the famous media companies i.e. Scoopwhoop. Its Co-founder and CEO Sattvik Mishra has announced his resignation from the post. He has made it official by sharing the news on social media.

Why Did Scoopwhoop’s CEO Resign?

scoopwhoop ceo

The reason behind taking such a decision is not all of the sudden. Ex-employee of Scoopwhoop, Samdish Bhatia who has left the organization in October 2021 filed a complaint against Mishra. In his complaint, he has accused Mishra for harassing him sexually for which no actions were taken against him.

Bhatia also mentioned the same on his Instagram handle expressing what he and his family faced in the last few months. In the post Mishra siad he was threatened.

The Two Sides Of Story Behind Sattvik’s Resignation And Samdish’s Allegation

scoopwhoop ceo

It all began over a discussion on Sccopwhoop’s YouTube channel Unscripted. Both engaged in a meeting with their creative director Avalok Langer and later went to a bar for the discussion. The meeting went too long and then continued to Mishra’s house where the incident happened, as per the sources.

Somehow Bhatia escaped from his house and informed about the incident to another ex-employee of Scoopwhoop. Later on, Mishra sent an apology message to Bhatia for his behavior to which he got no response.

After a few months, Samdish started his own channel on YouTube titled as Unfiltered.

The Other Side Of The Story

On the other hand, Scoopwhoop’s CEO Sattvik says Bhatia demanded a 25 percent of equity in his company. Mishra had already offered him 7.5 percent along with the title of co-founder of Unscripted. Bhatia got upset over the offer and behave aggressively. He also claimed that Bhatia demanded a lump sum amount for causing him mental and physical trauma.

The matter has taken multiple turns following which Sattvik Mishra decided to resign. Until things get better, COO Rishi Pratim Mukerjee will handle the company and work as an interim CEO of Scoopwhoop.

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