Say ‘No’ To Chemicals, Try These Cool DIY Hair Dye Ideas For A Natural Look

Ever thought of coloring your hair but could not do it because of the side effects of ammonia on the skin? Here is a natural way to enhance the hair look without worrying about dry, dull, and grey hair post coloring. Try natural DIY hair dye.

Yes, you can color your hair with natural ingredients and get a salon-like look or dyed bangs in no minutes. Read here to know how to make hair dye at home.

3 DIY Hair Dye Ideas To Try At Home

#1. Carrot For Red-Orangediy hair dye

Carrots have antioxidants that give them vibrant orange color. However, the real benefit comes from Vitamin A and E that give strength to the hair strands and prevent hair loss. So besides eating carrots for hair health, paint your hair in its red-orange color.

Don’t worry about the lasting effect, natural hair dye lasts up to 1-2 weeks. Here is how to make homemade hair dye with only 2 ingredients.

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• Carrot- 1 roughly sliced
• Coconut Oil- 1-2 tbsp

Steps to follow

1. Blend the freshly sliced carrots in a processor with few tablespoons of coconut oil.
2. Detangle your hair and apply the mixture evenly
3. Cover hair with a shower cap and wait for one hour
4. Use apple cider vinegar to wash the hair

#2. Get The Coffee Color

diy hair dye

Till now we knew that coffee boosts energy and reduces stress but coffee also benefits your hair. According to 2007 research, caffeine boosts hair growth by blocking dihydrotestosterone (the hormone responsible for hair loss) and increases hair length.

Coffee makes your hair thicker, fuller, and also prevents greying of hair. So, trying homemade coffee hair dye is the best idea to get soft, shiny, and brown hair.


  • Coffee- 2 tbsp
  • Leave-in hair conditioner – one cup

Instructions to follow-

1. Make strong coffee other than your regular preference
2. Add an extra 2 tbsp of coffee powder to it
3. Mix well with conditioner and apply all over the scalp
4. Wash after an hour

[Note: You may repeat the process few times to get the desired color as coffee doesn’t last for long]

#3. Cinnamon For Red Tintdiy hair dye ideas

If you want a red tint on your black hair, go for a cinnamon DIY hair dye. Cinnamon sticks can add color to your hair the way it does to your food. These small flavorful sticks are also known for their benefits like:

1. Reduce hair loss
2. Boost blood circulation
3. Prevent dandruff
4. Strengthen hair follicles

Get ready to reap all these benefits of cinnamon with a half cup of cinnamon powder and conditioner. Mix both in a deep bowl and apply gently on the hair strands. You can even color a section if you are not sure about the look.

Rinse after one hour.

Apart from these 3 DIY hair dye ideas, try safron for hair, henna, beetroot, sage, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar with soy sauce for hair coloring.

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How To Make DIY Hair Dye Stay Longer?

No matter what recipe you pick, following these tips after coloring is recommended if you want to flaunt that look for few more weeks.

• Stop using hairdryers and other hair tools as they can damage the hair and soak up all the moisture
• Say no to Hot Showers especially for hair wash
• Make sure your hair doesn’t come in direct contact with the sun. Cover them with a hat or scarf whenever you go out

The above-mentioned DIY hair dye ideas are perfect for everyone, irrespective of their hair type. Another option you can try is to choose natural hair dye brands that are free from sulfates, ammonia, and parabens.

Herbal Hair Dye Brands In India

Organic hair color kit by Kama Ayurveda
Herbal hair color by Khadi
Bio Henna Hair color by Biotique Ayurveda

Check ingredients before using any hair dye.

[Note- Those with hair issues always consult or do a patch test before applying either herbal brands or homemade hair dye]

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