Samsung reveals its much-awaited Galaxy Fold and S10 phones


Folding phone of Samsung seems like a longer thing of the future as Samsung unveiled its most awaited smartphone ever, which comes with a foldable screen.

As per the latest technology. on Wednesday in San Francisco, the phone announced its Galaxy Fold and will soon be available in the markets for a whopping USD 1,980.

On April 26, the phone will release. On its Twitter account, Samsung shared the news along with a clip of the new phone.

Samsung tweeted, “Ten years after the first Galaxy, we didn’t just change the shape of the phone, we changed the shape of tomorrow. #GalaxyFold.”


As per the latest technology updates, customers who are willing to spend big price will get a unique device that’s half a smartphone and half a tablet.

Anyone can unfold it like a wallet so it can work like a smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen or one can fold out on its long edge into something more like a mini-tablet with a 7.3-inch screen.

The phone comes out with some interesting features such as the device, when fully unfolded, will be able to simultaneously run three different apps on the screen.

DJ Koh, who look after Samsung’s smartphone division said, “Get ready for the dawn of a new era.” The new phone, according to him, “answers skeptics who said everything has already been done.”

Samsung is in hope that the Galaxy Fold will prompt more people to upgrade their phones and will also reverse a recent decline that saw its smartphones sales fall eight percent last year. Nevertheless, some analysts were disbelieving.

Analyst Ramon Llamas said Phones like the Galaxy Fold “ are likely sold to a very limited market of technology aficionados who like big screens and have big wallets.”

Samsung also launched its other products – new Galaxy S10 phones— the S10e, S10, and S10+, they all boast extravagant cameras, sleek screens covering the entire front of the devices and 128 gigabytes of storage.

New phones are capable of taking comprehensive-angle shots compared to previously available models and can also charge other devices including wireless headphones and smartwatches.

A fourth S10 model, which is due to this spring, will have faster wireless speeds through the arising 5G cellular network.

However, these improvements do not make a big leap from the smartphones released during the past few years by brands like Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers.

Consumers are relying on their existing devices for longer periods than they have in the past.

As per Research firm International Data Corp, it’s one of the main reasons smartphone sales dropped 4 percent worldwide last year.

Even Samsung is introducing a slightly small S10 model for USD 750 to make the phone more affordable for customers, but higher-end devices sell for USD 900 and USD 1,000.

The brand went to its Twitter account to share the video of the newly-launched S10 phones, writing, “A next-generation device in a size that’s just right for you. #GalaxyS10 #SamsungEvent.”

On Thursday, Samsung will start welcoming pre-orders for the phones and all three S10 smartphones will release on March 8.

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