Koffee With Karan: 15 Hilarious Moments Of Saif And Sara Ali Khan

    sara ali khan

    When the promos of Koffee With Karan came out, we were really excited to see this episode. As Sara Ali Khan made her first-time appearance on Karan Johar‘s show. Well, we have seen the episode, and we totally can tell you that it was one best and the funniest episode ever.

    Sara is truly Saif Ali Khan’s daughter when we spoke about the style of speaking and adding that ‘Pataudi’ wit in it. We are impressed by the level of morale that Sara puts on the table and beats everyone down with her glamour and her presence.

    When Saif was inquired about it, he had a fair-cut answer. He said, “When I was getting married to Kareena and Sara was very excited and wanted to, you know, was coming over and is at the Taj. For some reason, before going down I wrote a note to Amrita.

    And I said, “You know this is a new chapter starting and you know, we’ve had our history and everything.” Something along the lines of good wishes, I hope for both of us and something, you know to carry on, I sent it to Kareena. And I said, “Have a look at this, if it’s ok, I’m thinking of sending it across whatever.” And she said, “I think it’s really nice.” I sent it across and then Sara called me and said, “You know I was coming anyway but now I am coming with a happy heart even more.”


    How is that possible if Sara and Said are near and Karan doesn’t hit upon the fashion sense of the family? Saif accepted that it’s Kareena who has created this gym look pretty attractive.

    “She has made the gym look pretty popular. I get the closer look in the bedroom before the departure. I check her out coming and going,” Saif said. Well, that’s funny!

    These are some of the heart-warming and hilarious moments that prove Sara and Saif episode was the most fun to watch.

    Kofee With Karan Season 6 Episode:

    1. When he talked about how his relationship with his daughter is quite unconventional.

    2. When she remarked that she’s awful as of the genes her parents gave her.

    3. When Karan Johor asked Sara about a boyfriend  Saif pulled her leg.

    saif ali khan4. Also, when Karan asked if Saif Ali ever met with Sara’s boyfriend, he continued his leg-pulling and Sara Ali was embarrassed AF.

    5. When Sara talked about her father’s spirit, with passion.

    6. When they had this little disagreement.

    7. When Saif talked about the last time Sara and he had a quarrel.

    8. When Karan asked Saif if he looked at out Kareena before she goes to the gym and Sara Ali was quivering with embarrassment.

    9. When Saif spoke about how he could see in a youthful Sara that she was calloused to be a performer.

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    10. When he couldn’t bear back his horror after watching Sara’s home videos.

    11. But suddenly had a ball chuckling at one of them.

    12. And when he nudged her about a childhood crush.

    13. When like every parent, Saif craved to know if his girl’s love interest had sufficient cash to sustain himself. Addtionally, Saif loves money.

    14. When Saif talked about his daughter’s maturation and how he was confident she will strike her own way.

    15. When Sara and Saif were two peas in a pod and talked about taking Kareena to the museum.

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