Sacred Ganga River is Getting Degraded with Corpses of Covid Victims

Numerous dead bodies are found floating in the Ganga river or submerged in its banks. People of Uttar Pradesh where Ganga flows are suspicious of these bodies as Covid victims. Ganga which is considered holy river is becoming the graveyard now. This whole scenario has perturbed the nation.

Ganga river

The increased number of corpses in the river is being alluded to Covid pandemic. But still officials and Uttar Pradesh has not opened up about the cause of deaths. Before Uttar Pradesh dozens of afloating dead bodies were also found in Ganges in Buxar district of Bihar.

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Officials and Administration on increased number of floating bodies

Officials have informed that they have recovered bodies from river in Buxar. Autopsies were carried out on many decomposed bodies in both UP and Bihar. Around more than 70 bodies were discovered and police officials completed the cremation of these bodies.

Ganga river

Administration said not all the bodies that are found in river are Covid infected. Many people do not follow proper rituals of cremation and sometimes poor people cannot afford cremation expenses, so they just wash out corpse in rivers.

People who are infected with corona or any other disease have been thrown into rivers. In Kanpur there is inconsistency between recorded death numbers and actual deaths found. It was told that cemeteries have lack of space. And due to this grounds outside of crematorium were also allowed to be used for rituals of cremation.

Ganga river

But such grounds only accepted bodies with proper covid certificates from hospitals. Many people are dying at home without any tests and if they can’t find any cremation spot. Then they don’t have any option but to take the body in outskirts bury it in the riverbed.

A senior official Manoj Kumar Singh of Uttar Pradesh said, “The bodies are decomposed, so I am not sure in this state it can be found out about corona positive”. In the memo he also said, due to lack of funds for cremation, religious beliefs and families not accepting victims due to the fear of the disease maybe the reason for increased number of drifting bodies.

Steps taken by State Government

Government has ordered village officials to ensure no dead bodies are thrown into river. And it is also said that they will pay 5,000 rupees to poor families for proper cremation and bury the dead body. Police will be there to patrol rivers and stop the people from hurling dead bodies in Ganges. Strict measures are  being implemented now.

However PM Modi had also urged officials to intensify healthcare facilities and resources. He also said to keep a check and monitor the situations, as the virus is spreading quickly in these areas, after destroying the city.

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