Sachin Tendulkar supports Indian sporting history in school curriculum


    The God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar says that every individual should have at least one sport to be fit and fine.

    The cricketing legend and icon Sachin Tendulkar have emphasized on the need and importance of sports history of India as the co-curricular activities in schools to widen the knowledge of the future generation and in particular, also avoid health issues in the future.

    Sachin expressed his views and thoughts at the launch of ‘Young ad Fit India’- an initiative that has been put forward by the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), he also believes in the fact that Hindi cinema should not be the only mediator to learn about the country’s sport idols, comparatively it should be added from the elemental level, making the roots firm and supplemented in the syllabus of all the schools to develop the sports culture in the country. He also added saying that sports implant the habit of finding and focussing on solutions to your problems.

    According to the reports, Sachin said, “Along with the country’s history, the children should know about the sporting history of our country. The Hindi movies should not be the only medium to get information about our sports icons and therefore, sport should be introduced as a subject from the grassroots level. Introduction of sports as a subject will broaden the knowledge of our children. There are some people who focus on the problems but sports inculcate the habit of focusing on solutions to the problems.”

    Superstar of cricket further spells the beans on why it is a need to take up a sport for the physical fitness of an individual. He said that by the time we reach 2020, our country will be the youngest nation in the world but with the truth that young necessarily does not mean ‘fit’. We are already among diabetic capital of the world. When it comes to obesity, we are number three and this number should be brought down, according to him, explaining, “By 2020 we will be the youngest nation in the world but young does not necessarily mean fit. We are already the diabetic capital of the world. In terms of obesity figures, we rank number three. We need to bring that number down.”-said Sachin Tendulkar.

    Tendulkar before leaving the event said that we should spend money on ground level i.e. on the foundation level, rather than spend the money on hospitals. If we want a healthy nation then make one subject as a sport to be healthy and also it is not necessary that you want to become a professional sports player but the role of sports in life will boost your fitness level.