26 Killed In Gujarat After Dangerous Road Accident In Gujarat’s Bhavnagar

Gujrat Road Accident

Credit:Times of India

26 Killed In Gujarat After Dangerous Road Accident In Gujarat’s BhavnagarMore than 26 people were injured in the road accident in Bhavnagar of Gujarat on Wednesday morning and many injured. Five teams of 108 from Bhavnagar reached the spot and the injured were sent to a nearby hospital. At the same time, existing and nearby people are also engaged in rescue work.

A dozen of people were severely injured in this accident and were accident and  were  immediately rushed to the hospital.  To save victims rescue teams are lifting people using cranes.  not only 108 but fire brigades were also reached to the spot to save the life of victims.

Workers were gong in the truck:


According to the information, there were 70 workers in the truck. It suddenly went uncontrollably to the drain. At present, the work of removal of dead bodies and injuries from the drain is in progress.

It is believed that this accident happened due to driver’s nap. among 70 workers it is estimate that most of them were women and children.

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Many children are also included in the victims of this accident. Many of the injured are being told to be critical. In such cases, the number of people who died could increase.

Rip for the people who lost their lives in this accident and hope good health to people who are admitted in hospital

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